Tuesday, September 16, 2008


"Trudging, trudging, trudging..." 10 points to whoever can tell me where that song is from - Bill, you can't play.

We're trudging along! Working at it but getting the place ready to go on the market is taking forever. Consider working full time, and pretty much not much can get done until Duncan is in bed - that's not a lot of extra time. But on Saturday Ronnie took Duncan for the afternoon and we got a whole bunch of stuff done, which was awesome. Thanks again Ronnie! (Well and Chris and the kids).

Sunday morning we had church in the park at Maple Ridge park. It was beautiful! Unfortunately we couldn't stay for the whole service. We took turns letting Duncan play in the park, but there were some kids throwing sand at him and pushing him over and what not. It annoyed me because the Moms were right there, and totally ignoring it all. I wasn't in a mood to say something. That having been said, Duncan was not content to sit through the service.

We had the inspection done on the new house yesterday - nothing major - yay! For a house it's age it's doing well. We know what we'll need to do once we get in - we need a sub-electrical panel if we want a dishwasher added (yes, I want a dishwasher). Fence is #1 priority for Duncan safety. But it was good to be in the house again - feels good. When we go on the market we're praying for a quick sale! We'll see.

Flex day yesterday. Duncan and I went to visit some friends. That was good. Having the library and upstairs bathroom painted, and Dad sent over someone to fix the drywall in the library. So that will all be done today.

Back to work! Have a good day!


PrincessButtercup said...

Ooooooooooooo how I have a hard time when parents let, allow or just plain ignore their children do unsociable things! It's totally on my pet peeve list! I am guessing that it was an older child too because most of the time, it's my little guys who don't realize that a 2 year old is littler than they are and they do the throwing sand, pushing over, "no it's mine" stuff that I TOTALLY get after them about. So sorry you were on the receiving end of that. If it were my kids Duncan would have an apology, as would you and then they would get the deserved time out. ARGH! That gets under my skin...

Tanya said...

I vote "Settlers, The Musical"