Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday night

After this I'm going to bed. Watching Mythbusters right now, but it's a repeat. Always a fun show though.

Weekend was good but busy. Friday night John and Amy came out for a visit. Wonderful to see them, and little Siena is growing so much! Wow! They not only brought us dinner (yum, greek), but they also brought an ice cream cake! Double yum. Played a few rounds of Settlers and that was that, but it was a great visit.

Saturday morning Bill had a dentist appointment, so Duncan and I did the grocery shopping and went home. Saturday afternoon we were scheduled to head down to Seattle for Jesse's birthday dinner. At the last minute we asked Theresa if she could watch Duncan in the afternoon. My Dad was going to, but it worked much better this way. So we put him down for a nap and headed out. Much easier than him getting upset at us going. Traffic getting down to Jesse and Laura's was miserable! It took us 4.5 hours!! Isn't that insane? Border line up was 1 hour (that was a short one, most were 2 hours), and then the Guide Meridian down to Bellingham was closed due to construction and the detour was insanely out of the way. So we left the house at 2 and didn't get there until 6:30. Dinner and the visit were wonderful. As always Laura presented a phenomenal meal. Was really good to see them. And they plan on coming up in a few weeks to return to favour. But, funnily enough, Laura bought an ice cream cake... 2 nights in a row! Crazy. So I admitted to Bill that although I love them, perhaps I don't need one in a few weeks. I'm thinking I might make a nice tasty double layered chocolate cake. Everyone loves chocolate cake right? Anyhow, we were back on the road at 9:30. Home before 12:30. So going home was much better. It will be even better when that bridge opens next summer. We would have been home in 20 minutes from crossing the border.

I was in nursery at church this morning. 12 kids, which is quite a bit for us. But it went well. I think because it's September and everyone is back into the swing of things. Our church started this 40 days of prayer campaign today. But since I was in the nursery I still don't know anything about it :) This afternoon we popped out to Costco quick, and otherwise just took it easy. After all, it's Sunday. I love Sundays.

I'm thinking of taking a day off work this week to clean the house. I have Friday off, but Duncan will be home, so I might take Thursday and send him anyhow. Daycare is cool with that. But work is insanely busy right now, so I'll need to see what I can squeeze in M-W, and I'd need to make up some time in advance for my flex day. But it would be worth it I think.

Hope you're all well! Good night and good week!


Tanya said...

Costco is open on Sundays? Really? Wow.

Dustin Terpening said...

Just in case you're interested in more information about the Guide Meridian work you had to detour around, we have a blog with details.