Friday, September 12, 2008


This post is about puke. If you’re one of those people who the talk of puke makes you want to puke – don’t read this.

Our son is a puker. This kid has such a high gag reflex that even the smallest thing makes him throw up. I hope this changes for him as he gets bigger or going to the dentist might cause some grief.

This morning just before 8:00 I get a call from our day care “he’s projectile vomiting – you need to come get him”. So urgent call to Oma and Opa “can one of you go get him? One of us will be home as soon as we can” Yep, Oma would (thanks again Mom!). Call back to daycare “okay his Oma is on her way”. Call to Bill “Duncan is sick”. Now we were both surprised b/c he didn’t eat anything weird, and he was fine this morning. Normal Duncan-y self. But we had witnessed this on our cruise – copious amounts of puke and then he’s fine.

Bill gets family days at work (yay!) so although I would have loved an excuse to go home, it was way easier for him b/c he doesn’t need to take a vacation day and make up time, and he’s that much closer to home. So Bill went home. Before he got there I got a call from my Mom “So let me tell you how sick your little boy is…” Well that is to say not at all. He was happy to have Oma over, he was playing with all his cars (and I mean all of them – this kid is all about cars, trains and planes) and then jumped on the couch “Choo choo Oma?” (That means “Can we please watch Thomas and Friends?”). I talked Mom through pulling it up on Media Centre.

And since then he and Bill have been having a very fine day together. Duncan ate a normal lunch, had a good nap, and they are out for a walk right now.

The End.

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