Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hang ups

Here is my questions. Why do people hang up on your voice mail after the beep? My message at work isn't so short that people are caught by surprise when it suddenly goes beep. But at 2:19 someone left a hang up and again at 2:20. Chances are it was the same person. Please leave a message - I'm sure it even says that - and I will return your call. I'm pretty good about returning calls.

But otherwise we're good. Just silly busy. No down time at all with packing and decluttering and what not. Had painter over Monday night for a quote (eek!), Realtor over last night, going to visit with the people we're buying from tonight. And pack pack pack. Ronnie, bless her, is taking Duncan Saturday afternoon so we can get some stuff done. I've asked Theresa a few favours too - one of which is helping me get my garden in reasonable shape.

And Duncan has a cold, poor Boo. To be expected with back to school with all the kids in day care, but it does not make him a happy camper.

Back to work!

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