Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's going on

Good afternoon! It's supposed to be Wordless Wednesday...but we'll go with Word Wednesday.

I won some stuff! It's always fun to win something. I won some body wash from Simply Stacie, and I won a t-shirt from

Cordie is doing good at Nikki's for daycare. Today is her 2nd full day this week. Monday she didn't sleep at all, but I spoke with Nikki on the phone and she said she napped both in the AM and PM and Duncan did too. Duncan is on this verge of not napping - it's about 50/50 now, and that's tough!! He's also still not potty trained - but I don't think we're too far off. I'm still not fretting over it. No point. Can't make him do it. And I'm not going to punish him for it. But I do encourage him a lot :)

Monday Bill and I went down to the States to do some shopping for back to work. So I got some clothes there. I'm not a good shopper. Bill was sweet to come along with me though.

Housing update (you didn't think I wouldn't mention this now did you?). We are officially sold. Subjects were removed on Monday, but they had only received verbal confirmation on the financing, but on Tuesday the hard copy came through. So that sweet little SOLD sticker is on our sign.

But then back to the finding a new house. We still have our eyes on the one we loved. We went back yesterday afternoon with 1/2 my family in tow - my parents, my brother Jeff, and the kids to poke around again. They do have an accepted offer, but it sounds like it might collapse, so we're writing a back up offer today. We will also be looking at a few more places in case we need to keep looking because the other one we like sold in two days.

I'll let you know!

I was going to clean out my closet today. I got a bunch of boxes from the liquor store this morning after I went to Aquafit (awesome work out - she was like the Jillian Michaels of aquafit "FASTER! FASTER!" and she'd point at people "HARDER!" lol... it was awesome). Anyhow, it's going to look like we drink a whole lot, but quite honestly those boxes are great - good size, sturdy... let people think what they will :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Housing update

Because, you know, what else would I blog about?

We got a call from our realtor today about our buyer's financial conundrum and it sounds like everything has come together. They want to come through Monday evening and she wants to show her kids the place, but then they are going to sign off on all subjects. They aren't doign an inspection. We honestly don't think it would have shown anything anyhow - it's sound. But I hope nothing pops up right after!!

On our search, we looked at 4 more places on Friday afternoon. Bless Opa for watching Duncan. They have been having a bunch of fun together lately - I love it.

The 1st place we were quite hopeful about. On a busy road, but excellent location. New roof, furnace, hot water tank etc... right near the school Duncan will be going to in September, near our church, on the way too and from Bill's commute right now. We went in - not bad lay out. Has a rec room right off the kitchen. We couldn't see the basement b/c it has renters (we would have been able to if we were serious about wanting it, and arranged a 2nd viewing). So we went from there thinking it was a really good start.

Then we saw the 2nd place. We LOVE THIS HOUSE. It's on the top end of our budget but is on a quiet street, is only 8 years old, has all the rooms we want... it's great. That link is to pictures we took. See, over night, the listing disappeared from the MLS listing. *sigh* Wouldn't it just figure if it wasn't available anymore? The day after we want it? Well Andy is looking into it and will let us know what he finds out.

The 3rd one we also loved. Once again, a busy street, but although an older house, really well taken care of and an amazing yard. So at this point we'd already ruled out the 1st one, wanted the 2nd one, and this was our back up.

The 4th one was ruled out immediately. Just blah. Bad lay out. Needed a lot of work. It just was not good.

But then today there was an open house for a new listing, so Theresa, bless her, watched the kids for half an hour while we went and checked it out, and we really like this place too. All the rooms we want, nice quiet street, newer roof, flooring, etc... So this one is now our back up to the one we really love.

But it sounds like we're narrowing it down. And once subjects have been removed on our place we'll be able to go full steam ahead with good confidence.

Duncan would like to go make a bowl of fruit salad with play doh so I need to good.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We were supposed to have the inspection of our place today, but got an email around 3 PM saying that there was a problem with the financing part of the buyer's subject.

We heard later that this individual was preapproved for a mortgage, but when she actually went to take of financing that they denied her. However, she is now going through another mortgage broker who doesn't think it is going to be a problem.

So we've extended the subject removal date to Monday (was supposed to be tomorrow).

I am not going to panic! Okay, I wasn't going to anyhow, but worrying over it won't do any good. I just really hope it doesn't fall through (well duh, of course I hope that) because we now have 4 people for sale in our complex. Kind of losing our edge there.

House Hunting: We went out yesterday aftenroon. Took the kids with us, who were actually really good. The 1st place was promisng at first (you know, aside from the reek of cigarette and pot smoke that was throughout the house). Really neat sunroom (which would have been great for a play area for the kids), and really neat kitchen. But the bedrooms were too tiny, and no option to add one for us downstairs. Honestly, we would have had to pull out almost everything in the way of flooring and then paint with Kilz, and then repaint the whole place to possibly get rid of the smell.

The 2nd one was also promising at 1st - older house with a lot of neat character. But there were only 2 bedrooms upstairs and no option to feasibly add a master downstairs that didn't require running through halls, upstairs, and down more halls if we needed to reach the kids. So that one was out.

The 3rd one wasn't bad at all. It didn't wow us, but it also didn't have any major drawbacks, other than the fact that it didn't wow us. But good size, good yard - not too big, but big enough. Nice big deck, good bedrooms, etc... good location. So we can lean back on that one if need be, but we'll keep looking for now. Our realtor wants us to be thrilled with what we get, not just "yeah it will do". So we'll see.

Wordless Wednesday

Pictures taken by our good friend Theresa on Sunday afternoon.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Datebook: April 19, 2010


Outside my window: it was gorgeous today! Mid 20s (which is somewhere in the 70s, low 80s for my US friends). Right now it's dark, but it's still nice out.

Today - I went to Aquafit for the 1st time in forever! It was Cordie's 1st 1/2 day at daycare (as part of our easing her in program). She did awesome. I went to Aquafit. I got to sit in the hot tub. I never get to b/c I'm always with kids who can't go in (did you know that's b/c children don't sweat and therefore can not regular body temperature to help adjust?)

I am hoping: we find a new home soon. We're going house hunting tomorrow afternoon  - with the kids. Let's hope that goes well.

I am thinking: I need to clean this place up as our buyers are having the home inspection on Wednesday afternoon and they need to be able to access the hot water tank etc... whereas right now it is behind a pile of boxes.

In the kitchen: Kind of a weird week. We went in saying we'd have pizza, tacos, pasta, chicken parmesean, and something else. And so far we have had the pizza, tacos and pasta. But tomorrow we're out looking at houses in the afternoon, so I have a feeling it will be take out by the time we get home and need to get the children fed. And Wednesday we invited ourselves over for dinner at Mom and Dads.

Plans for the week: well - tomorrow house hunting, Wednesday the kids are 1/2 day at daycare again while I drop the Mazda off for service and walk up to MOPS, back down to Mazda, and back to grab the kids. Then in the afternoon the home inspection is around 4, so we need to be out of here. Duncan has his last swimming lesson, so we're all going to go swimming, and then I asked Mom if we could come over for dinner. So we'll go hang out there until about 7. Thursday, nothing right now. Friday no kids in the AM again, so might go to Aquafit again if it works out.

I am reading: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It's certainly good for a chuckle with the random zombieness of it all amidst women trying to get married. I think I need to speed it up, finish it off, and move on to something else.

Pictures thought:
With the money we received from Grandpa Bob for Christmas, and the gift card to TRU from Uncle Frank, we finally picked up a bike for Duncan and a helmet (Thomas of course).

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Housing update

It feels like I almost only blog about our housing situation lately.

There are other things going on - like my imminent return to work in two weeks, but I'm really not thinking about that at all. *shudder*.

I could blog about my awesome but very "three" three year old. No, he's a good kid. We actually just got tickets to the Day Out With Thomas, which should be just awesome. Theresa may watch Cordie for us that day, but we'll see. It's a bit of a long drive and she got car sick the other day - she's just not used to riding in the car for long.

The kids both start at day care for 3 half days next week (Duncan has been going 2 days every week anyhow, but Cordie is starting new), so we can ease her in. I think as long as her big brother is there she'll be fine. It is going to be so weird to not have her around.

So back to the house thing. Oh, I never even blogged after our Friday of house hunting - well heck, most of you are on facebook anyhow, and get my updates. Well we saw 4 places. Two were totally ruled out right away, and one was an "it will do if it has to" and one we totally loved. Loved it loved it. So we put in an offer. Our realtor called later to just warn us that aparently the seller is a bit "anal" and may be difficult to deal with. So as we were waiting for a response, Bill and I talked it over and said "we don't have a good feeling about this" and decided we probably weren't going to get the place. So when the call came back from Andy with some bad news, we weren't surprised. I guess this guy wants to sell it now, but wants to continue to live in it for two additional months -  through August, and has this whole crazy spread sheet of how he is calculating things. And because we were the 1st offer he'd rather wait and see. *shrug* Whatever. I mean even since then places have come up on the market that are certainly worth looking at, so we've moved on. We have time too as we don't need to move until June 26th.

And so it is!! We'll see how it goes and I'll let you know.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another Housing update

Yesterday I wrote that the people who are buying our place accepted our counter offer. This is all fine and well but one of the subjects to sale is that they had to sell their place by May 8th. Well I went into the Realtor's office this morning (normally, they come to us, but I was out and about, so I offered to pop in) to accept the offer and Andy (our realtor) advised that the buyers had sold their place - they were just working on a few small details and he would call me later and let me know. He did call a bit later in the morning and told me that they had officially sold, and that subject to our sale had been removed.

This is awesome news! This is all moving so fast, the momentum is exciting. I know it's not all said and done, but there are a lot of people praying for us, and it just seems to be coming together well. The market is like that right now, so not unexpected, but pleasing.

Tomorrow is house hunting. I have a few places I'm looking forward to seeing especially. We're going to check out one that I'm not too interested in, but the seller is "motivated" and we might be able to get a good deal on it. Excellent square footage on that one, but it's what we call a "BC Box". These houses are all designed the same and you can practically walk through them with your eyes closed they are so similar.

I'll let you know what we find!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

House Selling update

Well, most of you know this already from facebook, or twitter, but we got an offer on our place yesterday. I've only been listed since Friday, so this is nice and quick. Actually they came to see the place around 12:30 and wrote up the offer right at our kitchen table. I was glad I took the time to iron the tablecloth in the morning! :)

They came in with a good initial offer, and we countered, and they accepted! We're just tickled b/c we thought they would counter again. They do need to sell their place 1st, and so it's not a given at this time, but we'll remain optimistic. And so the search is on for us to find a place. I'm not too concerned as there are places out there.

Otherwise, it's a beautiful day! Cordie is napping right now but I think after she is up and has had some lunch we're going to go for a walk before heading into town. I hope she's good while we're out!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Datebook April 13, 2010

Okay, I know it's Tuesday, but I have not had a lot of time to blog nor compute lately!

We had 2 viewings on Sunday (and yes, Nancy, ensuite means bathroom attached to master bedroom), one yesterday, and two more today. It's a bit of work keeping it all up, but at the same time, today there is very little I need to do to make the place look good. And it's nice having a clean house all the time. I'm glad I'm off work right now though to dedicate time to keeping it looking good.

On to datebook:
Outside my window - gray and drizzling. But not cold out.

I am listening to - Halleluia from the Hope for Haiti album, hammering outside as they are replacing the roof of the place behind us, and nothing else - Cordie is napping and Duncan is at school.

I am thinking  - I need to go clean the kitchen and tidy before getting Duncan from school. I think we're going to go to Costco after, and have lunch there, and it will hopefully cover the time our place is being looked at today.

I am hoping - our place sells soon (duh!), and that we are really happy with the house we end up buying. I also hope our next door neighbours are home soon. They were due back yesterday, so I hope they are just delayed, and that nothing happened.

Plans for the week - Bill is out tonight, so this afternoon we're going to a friend's place for a playdate while we have the other showing of the day. Tomorrow I'm going into town with my Mom, Helen and Cordie to get my hair cut (town being Vancouver). I think we're going for supper after, but I'm not quite sure how that is all going to play out. Friday Bill has a flex day so Opa (my Dad) has said Duncan can come hang out with him for the morning while we go look at a few more places.

I am grateful for - well, many things. But specifically that our taxes are done, we do get a refund, and it should be just right for closing costs (lawyers fees, inspection etc...)

My favourite things - Duncan singing (his favourite right now is "Slippery Fish"), watching him play with his trains and totally use his imagination while doing it. He make stuff up, moves stuff around, and when he totally gets caught up in it he doesn't realize I'm watching him, and it's just fun watching him be himself. Cordie has learned a new sound and it is the funniest thing. She gets into everything. She loves book. She has this one book she keeps pulling out and honestly it's like she is studying it. It's awesome.

In the kitchen - this week is kind of weird b/c we were at the Bell's last night, Bill is out tonight, I'm out tomorrow night. But I think there is chicken in there somewhere, and something with ground beef (I know this b/c I need to go to the meat shop), and something with all natural smokies - which I think we'll do tonight.

Picture thought:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Real Quick House Hunting Update

Well it's house hunting/house selling update.

1st, we had two viewings today - one was through our old realtor - awkward! But our realtor assures us it's okay (of course he would LOL!!). Anyhow, they were both looking for a place with an ensuite, and one thought the carpets could be replaced. Well a. I also want an ensuite - hence the reason we're looking for a new house! and b. carpets - yes, but they aren't awful, and we're not beyond giving an allowance for them. Oh well. But we have another viewing tomorrow afternoon, so that's good. Place is still clean from today.

2nd - house hunting - saw 5 places on Saturday. A really good start. There was one house we fell in love with, but the more we think about it the more we think it's not for us. And there was another house we thought was wonderful, but ruled out right away due to space restrictions, but now are thinking perhaps it's worth considering. I hope we can look at some more yet. Well our place needs to sell 1st anyhow.

The kids are totally thrown off by all of this - so 2nd day in a row with Duncan not napping - and he needs to nap or he get down right owly. But we'll get beyond it. It's bed time. Good night!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party

Okay, I'm going to try this. Going on right now through 5 Minutes for Mom is this Ultimate Blog Party which is an attempt to get people to discover new blogs. Goodness knows I already have enough blogs on my Google Reader Subscriptions, but for some reason I keep adding to the list.

So I've added the button (down on the right), and then you can also choose from a list of prizes you'd like to win right here. I'd like to win, well, any of them really, but specifically USC 42, USC 43, and USC 13.

If you're interested in checking out some new blogs, join the party!

Oh, well looking around, and having people stop by here I guess I should introduce myself!

My name is Carole, I'm a 36 year old working Mom, just on the tail end of my year of maternity leave. I return to work as a disability claims adjustor in 3 weeks (boo hoo!). I've been married for 10 years, and have two amazing children (really, who doesn't think that of their kids?) a 3 year old boy who is obsessed with all things Thomas the Train and an almost 1 year old girl who has an attitude and gets into everything and loves to laugh. She's awesome.

My interests are in quilting, reading - almost anything if you put it in front of me and say it's a good book. However moreso historical fiction - like the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. I've also been known to read my fair share of fantasty fiction and some sci fi. I'm a geek. I stuggle with my weight like many people do.

We're currently in the process of selling our 3 bedroom townhouse in search for a bigger house and to move on up as it were. I've been blogging since um... I have no idea when. I had it in my head at one point that I was going to start a reviews and giveaways blog, but then life promptly got in the way, so that's on the hold for now.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Easter Sunday Cordelia

I think we're ready!

After all that hard work over the weekend, our place was actually in decent enough shape today for our realtor to come in and take pictures to post online. So as soon as we have an MLS number, we're good to go. Our realtor was quite impressed with the decluttering and work we got done on the place, and he quite liked the blue laminate in Duncan's room we put in last year that we received from freecycle.

This coming weekend we're going out and looking at houses for the 1st time. I don't expect to find that one perfect house right away, but we won't know what we like until we start looking.

Cordie was quite unhappy today - teething or something, but we didn't go to MOPS, and that's a good thing because I don't think she would have been too impressed with me if we had gone. So it was actually a nice quiet day at home (when she wasn't screaming at me), and I actually got some fabric cut out for quilting!! Crazy.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


As I sit here Strider is cold-nosing me. He's a sweet cat and awesome with the kids, but it drives me nuts when he rubs his cold wet nose against me. LOL! Oh, my poor cat.

Anyhow, it's Sunday night. We got some good stuff done this weekend, and we're making really good progress, but it's hard to sit down knowing there is still so much to do, but at the same time we're both exhausted.

We did get the master bedroom painted. It looks really good. Just an off white - nice and clean. The kids went to Mom and Dad's yesterday morning (thanks again!) and we 1st ran to Value Village - I picked up some curtains for Cordie's room, and then a few pictures to hang in the bathrooms. It was funny, the cashier asked if it was a famous artist we were buying the picture of and I laughed and said "no, we're staging our home and needed a cheap picture..." They do look good though and will fit real well. I got most of the touch ups for all the other paint done - I say most because as I look around I realize I missed a few spots. But oh well. Bill also redid the trim on various doors, and it looks nice and clean. Bill also got the entertainment centre cleaned up, and I did a good job on the kitchen.

We're almost to the point where they can at least come in and take pictures to post online- although our actual listing goes live tomorrow. Tomorrow Bill will be pressure washing, and I'll be gardening. If the weather is bad we're probably just going to buy some lava rock (Mom's idea - a good one too I think) and use it to cover up one of the front gardens. Everything else we can kind of keep working on as we go.

I'm still totally looking forward to this, but the idea kind of scares me. Also when you get so much conflicting advice from people it's hard to just make a decision based on your own hunches. "No, you shouldn't buy there" or "max out your mortgage, it's a better investment", or "go with a variable not fixed"... Now - we'll buy whereever we find a house we love, if I can help it we are not going to max out our mortgage b/c even if we're approved for a higher amount, it doesn't mean I want mortgage payments that high, and, said and done, we'll probably either go fixed or blended. But it's just hard.

Easter was really nice. We had fun doing up Duncan's basket. We just got Cordie a little stuffed rabbit, and then some chocolate for ourselves. I was in the nursery for church, and there were only two kids there - including Cordie, so it was nice and relaxing. Home, lunch, got Duncan down for a nap "I don't want to nap!!!! *snore....*" Bill also napped and so I puttered for a bit. Got them up and off to Mom and Dad's where they had planted a bunch of plastic eggs full of goodies. So the grandkids had a fun Easter egg hunt. It was just super relaxing. The kids play super well together, so the adults just vegged - read, chatted, hung out. Dinner was delicious! It was a really good day. Duncan didn't want to leave so we had a bit of a temper tantrum there, which carried on at home, but he settled down. I think he just didn't want the fun to end.

And that's what's going on. You?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Moving on Up

I once heard that moving is the second most stressful thing a person deals with, second to a death in the family. I'm not quite sure that's true, but the process of getting your home ready to sell is certainly up there.

We're actually making good progress. Bill has a 5 day weekend (Good Friday and Easter Monday being stats, and so his flex day was bumped to Thursday - w00t!) and so we've been able to put some good time into getting stuff done. Yesterday Duncan had preschool, so we got some stuff done then. Today Rhonda took the kids - bless her. And tomorrow my parents are - at least for the morning. Duncan miss his nap today because of it though, and by 6 PM You can tell. So I said to Bill that we need to make sure he doesn't miss it tomorrow.

Today we got the master bedroom painted. What's quite amusing about this is that it is the one room we have never painted since we moved in 9 years ago. We find it quite funny that we're finally doing it now that we hope to sell. And it looks quite nice! And so clean! It's just an off white colour, but it just looks crisp. Tomorrow we need to do other paint touch ups in the kitchen, living room and stairwell. Then it's just finish decluttering - we're doing well there too, and finishing our good spring cleaning. Oh, and the outside, but considering how stormy it is out today (blustery actually), it will probably be Monday before we get to that.

So, some of it is a little crazy, but we're making good progress. We like to chit chat about our next home - things we'd like to see in it. Perhaps all new flooring and paint before we move in (keep in mind we don't have a new home yet). Let's hope that once we are live on the market things go quick.