Saturday, April 24, 2010

Housing update

Because, you know, what else would I blog about?

We got a call from our realtor today about our buyer's financial conundrum and it sounds like everything has come together. They want to come through Monday evening and she wants to show her kids the place, but then they are going to sign off on all subjects. They aren't doign an inspection. We honestly don't think it would have shown anything anyhow - it's sound. But I hope nothing pops up right after!!

On our search, we looked at 4 more places on Friday afternoon. Bless Opa for watching Duncan. They have been having a bunch of fun together lately - I love it.

The 1st place we were quite hopeful about. On a busy road, but excellent location. New roof, furnace, hot water tank etc... right near the school Duncan will be going to in September, near our church, on the way too and from Bill's commute right now. We went in - not bad lay out. Has a rec room right off the kitchen. We couldn't see the basement b/c it has renters (we would have been able to if we were serious about wanting it, and arranged a 2nd viewing). So we went from there thinking it was a really good start.

Then we saw the 2nd place. We LOVE THIS HOUSE. It's on the top end of our budget but is on a quiet street, is only 8 years old, has all the rooms we want... it's great. That link is to pictures we took. See, over night, the listing disappeared from the MLS listing. *sigh* Wouldn't it just figure if it wasn't available anymore? The day after we want it? Well Andy is looking into it and will let us know what he finds out.

The 3rd one we also loved. Once again, a busy street, but although an older house, really well taken care of and an amazing yard. So at this point we'd already ruled out the 1st one, wanted the 2nd one, and this was our back up.

The 4th one was ruled out immediately. Just blah. Bad lay out. Needed a lot of work. It just was not good.

But then today there was an open house for a new listing, so Theresa, bless her, watched the kids for half an hour while we went and checked it out, and we really like this place too. All the rooms we want, nice quiet street, newer roof, flooring, etc... So this one is now our back up to the one we really love.

But it sounds like we're narrowing it down. And once subjects have been removed on our place we'll be able to go full steam ahead with good confidence.

Duncan would like to go make a bowl of fruit salad with play doh so I need to good.

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Nancy said...

Sounds promising, can't wait to hear (and see) what you end up with!

I will tell you that a busy street was a deal breaker for us. There were houses we loved that we ruled out because of a busy street and I maintain it was the right way to go. My kids can ride their bikes in the street without a worry. You may not really think it's a big deal now but when they're older, you'll wish you'd gone for a quieter street.

Just my 2 cents! :)