Monday, April 19, 2010

Datebook: April 19, 2010


Outside my window: it was gorgeous today! Mid 20s (which is somewhere in the 70s, low 80s for my US friends). Right now it's dark, but it's still nice out.

Today - I went to Aquafit for the 1st time in forever! It was Cordie's 1st 1/2 day at daycare (as part of our easing her in program). She did awesome. I went to Aquafit. I got to sit in the hot tub. I never get to b/c I'm always with kids who can't go in (did you know that's b/c children don't sweat and therefore can not regular body temperature to help adjust?)

I am hoping: we find a new home soon. We're going house hunting tomorrow afternoon  - with the kids. Let's hope that goes well.

I am thinking: I need to clean this place up as our buyers are having the home inspection on Wednesday afternoon and they need to be able to access the hot water tank etc... whereas right now it is behind a pile of boxes.

In the kitchen: Kind of a weird week. We went in saying we'd have pizza, tacos, pasta, chicken parmesean, and something else. And so far we have had the pizza, tacos and pasta. But tomorrow we're out looking at houses in the afternoon, so I have a feeling it will be take out by the time we get home and need to get the children fed. And Wednesday we invited ourselves over for dinner at Mom and Dads.

Plans for the week: well - tomorrow house hunting, Wednesday the kids are 1/2 day at daycare again while I drop the Mazda off for service and walk up to MOPS, back down to Mazda, and back to grab the kids. Then in the afternoon the home inspection is around 4, so we need to be out of here. Duncan has his last swimming lesson, so we're all going to go swimming, and then I asked Mom if we could come over for dinner. So we'll go hang out there until about 7. Thursday, nothing right now. Friday no kids in the AM again, so might go to Aquafit again if it works out.

I am reading: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It's certainly good for a chuckle with the random zombieness of it all amidst women trying to get married. I think I need to speed it up, finish it off, and move on to something else.

Pictures thought:
With the money we received from Grandpa Bob for Christmas, and the gift card to TRU from Uncle Frank, we finally picked up a bike for Duncan and a helmet (Thomas of course).

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Nancy said...

Is that one of those balance bikes without pedals? Too cute! We got Zach to ride the 2-wheeler finally, he wants to ride to school but it's too far for the trike. Really at 1 mile it's a bit far for even the bike but we'll work up to it. But since Alex rides his to school, he wants to...