Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Datebook April 13, 2010

Okay, I know it's Tuesday, but I have not had a lot of time to blog nor compute lately!

We had 2 viewings on Sunday (and yes, Nancy, ensuite means bathroom attached to master bedroom), one yesterday, and two more today. It's a bit of work keeping it all up, but at the same time, today there is very little I need to do to make the place look good. And it's nice having a clean house all the time. I'm glad I'm off work right now though to dedicate time to keeping it looking good.

On to datebook:
Outside my window - gray and drizzling. But not cold out.

I am listening to - Halleluia from the Hope for Haiti album, hammering outside as they are replacing the roof of the place behind us, and nothing else - Cordie is napping and Duncan is at school.

I am thinking  - I need to go clean the kitchen and tidy before getting Duncan from school. I think we're going to go to Costco after, and have lunch there, and it will hopefully cover the time our place is being looked at today.

I am hoping - our place sells soon (duh!), and that we are really happy with the house we end up buying. I also hope our next door neighbours are home soon. They were due back yesterday, so I hope they are just delayed, and that nothing happened.

Plans for the week - Bill is out tonight, so this afternoon we're going to a friend's place for a playdate while we have the other showing of the day. Tomorrow I'm going into town with my Mom, Helen and Cordie to get my hair cut (town being Vancouver). I think we're going for supper after, but I'm not quite sure how that is all going to play out. Friday Bill has a flex day so Opa (my Dad) has said Duncan can come hang out with him for the morning while we go look at a few more places.

I am grateful for - well, many things. But specifically that our taxes are done, we do get a refund, and it should be just right for closing costs (lawyers fees, inspection etc...)

My favourite things - Duncan singing (his favourite right now is "Slippery Fish"), watching him play with his trains and totally use his imagination while doing it. He make stuff up, moves stuff around, and when he totally gets caught up in it he doesn't realize I'm watching him, and it's just fun watching him be himself. Cordie has learned a new sound and it is the funniest thing. She gets into everything. She loves book. She has this one book she keeps pulling out and honestly it's like she is studying it. It's awesome.

In the kitchen - this week is kind of weird b/c we were at the Bell's last night, Bill is out tonight, I'm out tomorrow night. But I think there is chicken in there somewhere, and something with ground beef (I know this b/c I need to go to the meat shop), and something with all natural smokies - which I think we'll do tonight.

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