Saturday, April 17, 2010

Housing update

It feels like I almost only blog about our housing situation lately.

There are other things going on - like my imminent return to work in two weeks, but I'm really not thinking about that at all. *shudder*.

I could blog about my awesome but very "three" three year old. No, he's a good kid. We actually just got tickets to the Day Out With Thomas, which should be just awesome. Theresa may watch Cordie for us that day, but we'll see. It's a bit of a long drive and she got car sick the other day - she's just not used to riding in the car for long.

The kids both start at day care for 3 half days next week (Duncan has been going 2 days every week anyhow, but Cordie is starting new), so we can ease her in. I think as long as her big brother is there she'll be fine. It is going to be so weird to not have her around.

So back to the house thing. Oh, I never even blogged after our Friday of house hunting - well heck, most of you are on facebook anyhow, and get my updates. Well we saw 4 places. Two were totally ruled out right away, and one was an "it will do if it has to" and one we totally loved. Loved it loved it. So we put in an offer. Our realtor called later to just warn us that aparently the seller is a bit "anal" and may be difficult to deal with. So as we were waiting for a response, Bill and I talked it over and said "we don't have a good feeling about this" and decided we probably weren't going to get the place. So when the call came back from Andy with some bad news, we weren't surprised. I guess this guy wants to sell it now, but wants to continue to live in it for two additional months -  through August, and has this whole crazy spread sheet of how he is calculating things. And because we were the 1st offer he'd rather wait and see. *shrug* Whatever. I mean even since then places have come up on the market that are certainly worth looking at, so we've moved on. We have time too as we don't need to move until June 26th.

And so it is!! We'll see how it goes and I'll let you know.

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