Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We were supposed to have the inspection of our place today, but got an email around 3 PM saying that there was a problem with the financing part of the buyer's subject.

We heard later that this individual was preapproved for a mortgage, but when she actually went to take of financing that they denied her. However, she is now going through another mortgage broker who doesn't think it is going to be a problem.

So we've extended the subject removal date to Monday (was supposed to be tomorrow).

I am not going to panic! Okay, I wasn't going to anyhow, but worrying over it won't do any good. I just really hope it doesn't fall through (well duh, of course I hope that) because we now have 4 people for sale in our complex. Kind of losing our edge there.

House Hunting: We went out yesterday aftenroon. Took the kids with us, who were actually really good. The 1st place was promisng at first (you know, aside from the reek of cigarette and pot smoke that was throughout the house). Really neat sunroom (which would have been great for a play area for the kids), and really neat kitchen. But the bedrooms were too tiny, and no option to add one for us downstairs. Honestly, we would have had to pull out almost everything in the way of flooring and then paint with Kilz, and then repaint the whole place to possibly get rid of the smell.

The 2nd one was also promising at 1st - older house with a lot of neat character. But there were only 2 bedrooms upstairs and no option to feasibly add a master downstairs that didn't require running through halls, upstairs, and down more halls if we needed to reach the kids. So that one was out.

The 3rd one wasn't bad at all. It didn't wow us, but it also didn't have any major drawbacks, other than the fact that it didn't wow us. But good size, good yard - not too big, but big enough. Nice big deck, good bedrooms, etc... good location. So we can lean back on that one if need be, but we'll keep looking for now. Our realtor wants us to be thrilled with what we get, not just "yeah it will do". So we'll see.

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