Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I think we're ready!

After all that hard work over the weekend, our place was actually in decent enough shape today for our realtor to come in and take pictures to post online. So as soon as we have an MLS number, we're good to go. Our realtor was quite impressed with the decluttering and work we got done on the place, and he quite liked the blue laminate in Duncan's room we put in last year that we received from freecycle.

This coming weekend we're going out and looking at houses for the 1st time. I don't expect to find that one perfect house right away, but we won't know what we like until we start looking.

Cordie was quite unhappy today - teething or something, but we didn't go to MOPS, and that's a good thing because I don't think she would have been too impressed with me if we had gone. So it was actually a nice quiet day at home (when she wasn't screaming at me), and I actually got some fabric cut out for quilting!! Crazy.

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