Wednesday, April 14, 2010

House Selling update

Well, most of you know this already from facebook, or twitter, but we got an offer on our place yesterday. I've only been listed since Friday, so this is nice and quick. Actually they came to see the place around 12:30 and wrote up the offer right at our kitchen table. I was glad I took the time to iron the tablecloth in the morning! :)

They came in with a good initial offer, and we countered, and they accepted! We're just tickled b/c we thought they would counter again. They do need to sell their place 1st, and so it's not a given at this time, but we'll remain optimistic. And so the search is on for us to find a place. I'm not too concerned as there are places out there.

Otherwise, it's a beautiful day! Cordie is napping right now but I think after she is up and has had some lunch we're going to go for a walk before heading into town. I hope she's good while we're out!

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