Sunday, April 11, 2010

Real Quick House Hunting Update

Well it's house hunting/house selling update.

1st, we had two viewings today - one was through our old realtor - awkward! But our realtor assures us it's okay (of course he would LOL!!). Anyhow, they were both looking for a place with an ensuite, and one thought the carpets could be replaced. Well a. I also want an ensuite - hence the reason we're looking for a new house! and b. carpets - yes, but they aren't awful, and we're not beyond giving an allowance for them. Oh well. But we have another viewing tomorrow afternoon, so that's good. Place is still clean from today.

2nd - house hunting - saw 5 places on Saturday. A really good start. There was one house we fell in love with, but the more we think about it the more we think it's not for us. And there was another house we thought was wonderful, but ruled out right away due to space restrictions, but now are thinking perhaps it's worth considering. I hope we can look at some more yet. Well our place needs to sell 1st anyhow.

The kids are totally thrown off by all of this - so 2nd day in a row with Duncan not napping - and he needs to nap or he get down right owly. But we'll get beyond it. It's bed time. Good night!

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Nancy said...

Once again I don't understand your strange Canadian phrases. ;) What's an ensuite? I tried Googling and it looks like a bedroom with a bathroom attached to it? I think that's what we would just call a master suite. We also have what we call the guest room, which also has its own bathroom.

Either way good luck with both the buying and the selling! It is really tough to do both with small kids around, isn't it? One big reason we left the kids behind when we were house hunting out here.