Sunday, April 4, 2010


As I sit here Strider is cold-nosing me. He's a sweet cat and awesome with the kids, but it drives me nuts when he rubs his cold wet nose against me. LOL! Oh, my poor cat.

Anyhow, it's Sunday night. We got some good stuff done this weekend, and we're making really good progress, but it's hard to sit down knowing there is still so much to do, but at the same time we're both exhausted.

We did get the master bedroom painted. It looks really good. Just an off white - nice and clean. The kids went to Mom and Dad's yesterday morning (thanks again!) and we 1st ran to Value Village - I picked up some curtains for Cordie's room, and then a few pictures to hang in the bathrooms. It was funny, the cashier asked if it was a famous artist we were buying the picture of and I laughed and said "no, we're staging our home and needed a cheap picture..." They do look good though and will fit real well. I got most of the touch ups for all the other paint done - I say most because as I look around I realize I missed a few spots. But oh well. Bill also redid the trim on various doors, and it looks nice and clean. Bill also got the entertainment centre cleaned up, and I did a good job on the kitchen.

We're almost to the point where they can at least come in and take pictures to post online- although our actual listing goes live tomorrow. Tomorrow Bill will be pressure washing, and I'll be gardening. If the weather is bad we're probably just going to buy some lava rock (Mom's idea - a good one too I think) and use it to cover up one of the front gardens. Everything else we can kind of keep working on as we go.

I'm still totally looking forward to this, but the idea kind of scares me. Also when you get so much conflicting advice from people it's hard to just make a decision based on your own hunches. "No, you shouldn't buy there" or "max out your mortgage, it's a better investment", or "go with a variable not fixed"... Now - we'll buy whereever we find a house we love, if I can help it we are not going to max out our mortgage b/c even if we're approved for a higher amount, it doesn't mean I want mortgage payments that high, and, said and done, we'll probably either go fixed or blended. But it's just hard.

Easter was really nice. We had fun doing up Duncan's basket. We just got Cordie a little stuffed rabbit, and then some chocolate for ourselves. I was in the nursery for church, and there were only two kids there - including Cordie, so it was nice and relaxing. Home, lunch, got Duncan down for a nap "I don't want to nap!!!! *snore....*" Bill also napped and so I puttered for a bit. Got them up and off to Mom and Dad's where they had planted a bunch of plastic eggs full of goodies. So the grandkids had a fun Easter egg hunt. It was just super relaxing. The kids play super well together, so the adults just vegged - read, chatted, hung out. Dinner was delicious! It was a really good day. Duncan didn't want to leave so we had a bit of a temper tantrum there, which carried on at home, but he settled down. I think he just didn't want the fun to end.

And that's what's going on. You?

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