Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More random thoughts

Alright, I have so much to do here, but I’ll take a minute and say good morning. Tanya commented on my blog yesterday about the house “oh, so you’re going for it?” and I realized I’d never said we actually were. Yes we are! And we’re excited. Bill has been toting stuff off to the storage locker – although there is still lots to tote. I think we’ll be getting together with our Realtor this week, and then once stuff is toted we need to start with minor repairs before painting (such as the multitude of holes in the 3rd bedroom walls from the shelves that were up there). Our neighbours very kindly said they don’t think we’ll have a problem selling. Let’s hope so!

Lovin’ the Wii Fit! I actually really do enjoy the exercises – and it is a good work out, but it’s fun. I think my favourite so far is the step class – it’s like guitar hero with your feet. I get muddled quite quickly, but it’s fun.

I did get to VV yesterday and spent a whopping $10. Since we’re decluttering it didn’t make sense to bring a whole bunch of new stuff home. So I got a car for Duncan, and this little toy tractor for him, a pair of shoes for him and a shirt for Bill. Duncan was kind of de-compensating at that point so we just paid and left, but it was a nice little walk. Ran into my coworker Jennifer there who is pregnant and I think she is now wondering what she has to look forward to with children having melt downs in the middle of the store.

Okay, lots and lots to do. Have a good day everyone!


Tanya said...

I always imagine Duncan as Mr. Perfect -- adorable, well behaved, all that. So it's good to remember that everyone gets to the end of their rope and melts down.

Carole said...

You know, on the whole he is a really good kid. However he is still a toddler and gets antsy when he's tired, hungry, wants "Out!" or as you put it at the end of his rope.