Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hints of Fall

1st day of school, and we still have 3 weeks of summer left, but the air certainly has that fall smell to it. Crisp and fresh - nice and cool at night (ideal for really good sleep), but beautiful during the day. I love fall! I even like the dark rainy nights and the cozy feeling of it all.

How's everyone doing? Tanya - love the Warren pictures. I love the washcloth on the head pictures.

We're doing good. As Bill will tell you, not a restful weekend - more so for him than me as he was doing tech work at Mom's school all weekend to get everything ready for today, and then also packing boxes off to our storage locker which we rented out on the weekend. And there is still a lot to move! But one of us has to stay home with Duncan, so we're only half as productive as we would be. But you know, I'll take Duncan duty over getting a house ready for sale.

He is such a sweet boy!! And he loves his cars. And he loves trains (especially Thomas - no surprise there - he's such a typical little boy). However we are not falling into the "Duncan needs Thomas the tank engine stuff" trap because it's so freaking expensive. A coworker mentioned to me that Ikea sells a train set, so we'll probably get him one of those b/c it's cheap and he'd like it. He was very unimpressed with me yesterday when he had to stop playing with the train set at Chapters in Coquitlam. "Choo choo Mommy! Choo choo!" And when we were leaving "Noooo!!! Choo choo! Choo choo!" LOL!

For those of you who are not anti-Value Village (I pop in now and then b/c you can find some great deals. I enjoy thrift shop browsing though) they are having a 50% off all used items sale today, and 70% off between 7-9 tonight. Good time to poke around. I've had a few good finds there like my Hamilton Beach Grill which is $79 retail and I got it for $8 (works like a charm), I've found a few PartyLite pieces there for $.50 for a set, and I got the fabric for Duncan's dinosaur curtains there for $2 or something silly. I find their used childrens clother are way over priced - considering you can usually buy it for the same price or cheaper at SuperStore in the "Joe" line.

Alright I supposed I should get some work done. 4 day work week! Yay!


Tanya said...

oh. The washcloth on the head photos are of our nephew, Quentin.
Does this mean you're buying the place?

Carole said...

Okay, well then he's cute! LOL!

We are buying the place! I guess I should update on that... But we need to sell 1st.

Wyndsong said...

I love fall too...something about it makes it cozy...(like the rain outside, the wind blowing through the trees, the leaves changing colours...) and staying in by the fire and reading a nice book all cozy under a blanket on the couch...okay we don't have a fireplace, but I can dream....LOL

Sounds like you are nutty busy....remember to bug us and we will do what we can to help.

Love ya