Thursday, October 22, 2009

I really should be in bed

It's 10:22, I'm tired, I still need to feed Cordelia again (I always get her up and feed her one more time before I go to bed, this usually keeps her happy for a good period of time), but I am having such a relaxing evening. Bill is gaming (World of Warcraft) (and he has a cold, poor guy... I think I'll be spending some time with the Lysol tomorrow), and I've just been chillin' on the couch catching up on email, and my Google Reader. Oh, I also emailed Dole (you know, the pineapple people) because we bought some peaches that taste like they were canned well before they were ripe and we now have a box of peaches that are crunchy and tasteless. I email people. I'm one of those people who doesn't hesitate to say "I didn't get what I paid for" in a really nice way.

I'm also listening to music. I broke down today and bought 'I Gotta Feeling' by the Black eyed Peas on iTunes. Every time I hear this song I like it, so I thought why not. So I added it to my Gym Music folder, which really is more of my best of the best folder now b/c there is a lot of non-workout music in there. Okay, it's all non-workout music b/c I haven't been working out. Ha ha ha. Oh, but I told Bill I think I want EA SportsActive for Christmas. I like the Wii Fit but my problem with it is there is so much down time between exercises it's hard to maintain momentum. So a 20 minute work out can take you 45 minutes. I also told him I wouldn't mind some kind of a dancing video game. Something I can do where no one will see me. But I don't know what dancing games are good.

I had a coupon for buy one get one free Blizzard from DQ, so I popped out around 9 and got us some. Bill needed it for his sore throat you know. It was yummy. That and a cup of tea... ahhh...

Our cheap $25 dvd player is dying. Can you believe it?! I mean, come on, we didn't buy the $20 one for a reason... Okay, I guess we asked for that. But seeing as our PS3 doubles as our DVD player, we can use our "old" one. Confusing I know. We have a dvd player in the kitchen (with a tv, duh) so Duncan can watch Backyardigans etc while we're out there. yes, sometimes during meals, I'm a bad mom.

Kids are good, thanks for asking. Cordie is so funny. She talks and talks and talks. Bill just rolls his eyes and I assure him it is never going to end :) She's still been in our room but we're moving her to her own room this weekend b/c she is outgrowing the basinette. And I keep stubbing my toe on it. But I'll miss having her so close. Duncan is good too. He didn't want to nap today and fought it for an hour and a half! And finally I just turned the downstairs monitor off and went about my business and I turned it back on 10 minutes later and he was asleep! But of course we couldn't let him sleep long, and so he was quite owly for the rest of the evening. We got his school pictures (proofs) today. How cute.

Bed time!


Nancy said...

Did you hear about the new Wii Fit that just came out? It's around $20 and has custom workouts to take out that delay. Looks pretty good to me.

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

You need to buy the entire album, it is awesome! I have been listening to it non-stop for about a month.

Tammi said...

Oh, I like 'I gotta Feeling' too!! Too funny that you talk about exercise,then a great coupon from DQ...LOL, you sound exactly like me! Maybe we can kick each others' butts into gear!

Thanks for grabbing my holiday button, I hope you like the awesoem giveaways I have planned for the Christmas Event!!

Tammi @ My Organized Chaos