Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday night

You know it's so sad I can't think of better titles of my blog posts, but it is what it is!

I'm still feeling super run down. I warned my supervisor I might not be in tomorrow. I will still get up, but if I'm having a hard time pulling myself around the house I am not going to bother. I know I need to rest, but I feel so guilty calling in! I swear I have called in sick more this year than I have my entire 12 year history with the company. But Bean is worth it. It's just a cold, but at various times today I felt like I was going to pass out, throw up, or just over heat, so I think I do need to still take it easy. After that, only 4 weeks left at work, which is just crazy. This is coming up so fast. *looks at belly* Hi Bean! See you soon, but not too soon okay? :)

Just finished watching American Idol. I think I was more entertained tonight than I have been all season so far. I am so glad they did not put Tatiana through. I was afraid they were going to b/c people would love to hate her, but nope, sense prevailed and I'm actually quite happy with the top 13. Yep, 13, they made room for Anoop, which is also awesome. I don't have a clear favourite at this time, but we'll see as it all comes together.

This weekend we're doing very little. I figure if I'm too sick to work I'm also too sick to do other stuff, so there will be a lot of sitting around (as Duncan allows). I borrowed this book called Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen from a coworker and I'm just eating it up. It's light, but clever and funny.

Bill's cousin (well his cousin's wife) has been scanning in old pictures she's been finding of the family. This is awesome because honestly to date I have seen maybe 2 pictures of Bill as a small child, and never one of him as a baby. He honestly thought there weren't any. Well Karen found some, and I just love it! I'm going to add one at the bottom here, and it just kills me how much Bill and Duncan look alike around the same age! I love it! Thanks again Karen, and keep them coming! It means a lot to us.


Elizabeth said...

in the picture, which one is Bill? It may be obviuos to you, but you are more intimately acquainted...

Carole said...

Good point. Bill is the baby on the right. The youngest one. The others are his sister Kelly, brother Rob, and his Dad.