Saturday, June 21, 2008

Shop Hop Weekend

I got back from the shop hop this weekend - lots of fun! What a great little get away. It was wonderful to see my college friends again, and also fun to visit all the quilt shops and get stuff :)

I left early Friday morning and made good time down to Mt. Vernon. I parked the car at Tia's in law's home, which worked as a good meeting point. We (we being Lisa, my old college room mate who now lives in New Mexico, Tia, another college friend and Lisa's sister in law, Bev, Lisa's aunt, and Rhonda, Lisa's best friend from high school) went to a few of the quilt shops and then we stopped in Deception Pass State Park by Cranberry Lake for a picnic. Tia, bless her, packed an awesome picnic lunch for us and it was kid friendly for Rhonda's kids.

We parted way with Rhonda and her children then and made our way down Whidbey Island. We had Tia's Ford Explorer and I was doing most of the driving, but I didn't mind that at all. We ended up back on Camano Island where Tia lives. What a gorgeous home. Tia thank you so much again for having us over. I loved visiting with you and seeing Henry - what a sweet little man! You have a beautiful home and are a wonderful hostess.

We grabbed my car this morning and made our way up to Bellingham (where I also did some shopping) and then Lynden and I was home by 2:00 PM. I missed my boys and oh boy was Duncan happy to see me! He and Daddy had a wonderful time together and certainly were not suffering for me having been gone!

So that's my 5th Shop hop... it's fun each year. Now we can add it to the pile of other unfinished shop hop projects...

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