Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tired and Grumpy

Yes I admit it, Little Miss Sunshine over here gets grumpy. I actually find it amusing that none of you ever seem to get grumpy, or perhaps you just don't blog about it. Today I will.

Duncan had a bad night. That doesn't make me grumpy actually. I feel bad for Roo when the teething is going on and he's so tired but they are bugging him so much he can't sleep. He was up at 12:30 and again at 4 AM. He fell asleep on me at 4, but he was kind of choking me the way he was laying so we had to move him and then he woke up again. A bit of Motrin and a new bottle and he was out. Bill has a doctor's appointment this morning so they can both sleep in a bit, which is good.

I on the other hand decided to stay up and catch the early train in (the 5:50). It was a nice walk actually, and not raining yet (it's raining downtown right now, 7:10 AM or so), so that was good.

So that's the tired part.

I didn't get grumpy until I got into work. There was a sticky sitting on a file of mine and it just irked me. So I'm going to whine to Sheryll (my boss) about it and I did the thing myself. So there! Good thing is I was in so early, I got it done quick. So that's the grumpy part.

But I have my Venti dark (what was the math again... 4AM+teething toddler=eT (early train) and Vd (Venti dark).

Have a good day!


Laura said...

Oh Carole - I am sure we all get grumopy! I know I do! Thanks for being honest about that. I hope the rest of your day at work gets better. Maybe Duncan's tooth will break through and you can all get a good nights sleep.

I love your equation! I am heading off to get my own Starbucks soon - thinking a skinny latte - I got a good nights sleep!

PrincessButtercup said...

I am grumpy too today! I think that lowermainlanders get the short end of the weather stick after Andre showed us the weather in Yukon, Ottawa and even Paris was better than here...sigh...

one of my biggest complaints is how much native Vancouverites whine about the weather but I think the grumpiness is the proverbial but literal shadow over the whole GVRD and that we could all use a HUGE does of vitamin D now....

I am SO grumpy today and I will not let anyone tell me it's my pregnancy, it's defanitly the weather... the kids afterall are also grumpy and they *ahem* are not with child ;)