Friday, May 30, 2008

I took a day off

I was sitting at work yesterday morning and just not wanting to be there. Bill had already decided he'd keep Duncan home on Friday so I thought "I'm going to ask if I can take a vacation day tomorrow." Well it all worked out and so not only did the rest of the day go quick (suddenly had a lot to get done), but I have today off! One advantage to having stuck with the company for so many years - vacation time! :)

It's been a nice day! Duncan is in a super good mood - I think because we're both home. He was up early, but that's okay. I made waffles for breakfast (I know, not weight watcher friendly), and after a bit he went back down for a nap. We went to Coquitlam Centre later to run some errands (I'm looking for a Wii Fit), back home again... Oh Bill and I cleaned up the back yard finally so Duncan can get out there, and he seems quite happy he can. Of course we need to lock the cats up when he's wandering in and out of the house, but we can deal with that.

Duncan and I popped out to visit Oma at work, and then came home and Opa was coming by. Well let me tell you the squeal of glee he let out when he saw Opa... My Dad got the biggest grin on his face getting that kind of reception. It was sweet. Anyhow, Dad was bringing the piano by... so we have a piano! Now I need a piano bench, but still, I'm excited... so are Bill and Duncan. Going to be noisy for a bit until the novelty wears off for Roo. :) Well Bill too. :)

Swimming in the morning, errands in afternoon, Peanut's big reveal Saturday night. Sunday I'm in charge of coffee at church (with other people). Hoping to go out to Mom and Dad's in the afternoon, but we'll see how the day goes. And I think Mom is baby sitting Duncan one evening next week and we'll go see Indiana Jones.

Well I hope everyone else has as pleasant of a day as we are. Have a great weekend and I'll see some of you tomorrow.


PrincessButtercup said...

Oh what a nice day for you to have! I certainly hope your weekend post or post weeked post (har har) will be as nice and lovely for you.e

Tanya said...

I lOVE waffles for breakfast! With fancy toppings, especially!
Sounds like a great day, too. Life is a ton of fun, isn't it? And I'm really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Thanks for coming into Vancouver again!

Laura said...

I want a day like that! I think I should get one set up! See you tomorrow!