Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh boy is this a great idea!

Maybe I shouldn't post about it before I check into the possibility, but I had a good idea!

I was chatting with Mom today and she was saying that my Dad has been thinking he should get a small car to putter around town in because due to the cost of gas, driving his Silverado is starting to cost an arm and a leg, and often he's just going to meet his buddy for coffee or something, but it almost costs $10 in gas just to get there and back.

At the same time it's starting to come up a bit more, especially on weekends, that it's too bad we don't have a second car to putter around with. During the week it doesn't matter, but on the weekends as more plans are made it can be a bit of a pain. For example this Saturday is Amy's baby shower, and I'll be gone almost all day with the car, leaving Bill and Duncan without. Now it's probably not even going to be a problem, but I don't like doing that to them. In addition with my upcoming Quilt Shop Hop I was going to rent a car for the weekend, but Rhonda has graciously said maybe I could borrow their 2nd one just for the few days, unless she comes along, at which we'd be using that one anyhow.

So it occurs to me - we should buy a second car with my parents. It would be perfect. We could use it on the weekends, Dad can have it during the week. Doesn't need to be fancy, but until such a time when we get a mini van or SUV in a few years (I want a mini van okay?) it would be perfect. And how environmentally sound would that be?!

Anyhow, I need to run the idea by Bill, and Mom will need to chat with Dad about it, at an opportune time (I'll leave that up to her)... but pretty smart 'eh?

What do you all think?

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PrincessButtercup said...

I think that having a small in town car is a great idea for people who have large gas sucking vehicles. Kev and I are really into reducing our carbon footprint these days but our truckvan is the last thing that we will be able to change given that we fit so many people into it to go somewhere. We are also starting to bike around here and because Kev takes the bus/skytrain to work, we feel okay about having a huge gas guzzler. :) My two or 4 bits ;)