Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Zenith 1234

Okay, this is interesting to me.

As you would probably guess the conversation during our commutes can go all over the place. Usually it's down right silly, but we also reminisce a lot, and the other day I was mentioning the old Zenith 1234 commercials. Neither Bill nor Ronnie had any idea what I was talking about.

So I looked it up. This was developed back in the days with rotary phones and not having a "Z" on the phone. You call the Operator and ask for Zenith 1234 and she would put you through. I remember it being a children's help line.

It turns out it still is! If you call the operator (at least in BC) and ask for Zenith 1234 you will get connected with Ministry of Children and Families. I just found it interesting is all.


Tanya said...

I remember Zenith 1234! I do! I do!

PrincessButtercup said...

Hope came home in Grade 2 telling me about it....I still totally remember it...yep, funny how we got those things drilled into our, this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs...any questions. (then with a side of bacon, ham or sausage as I remember joking with my friends at the time)

Anonymous said...

I used to catch a beating from my dad quite often as a child. Up until the time I was 12 or so. He used to whip me with a leather belt when he was really mad. I just had to stand there naked and take it. I remember thinking the last time he did it that if it ever happened again I was going to call the operator and ask for that number. Sometimes I wish I did, it would have served him right for whipping a child like that. The only thing I ever learned from it was that my old man was a jerk. I hope kids today have a number in their heads like Zenith1234 they can call if they need to.

Anonymous said...

I once called Zenith 1234. They called back to speak to my dad. It didn't go well.

Anonymous said...

Years ago my brother and his friends called Zenith 1234 as a prank pretending to be abused. They traced the call and got into quite a bit of trouble for that one.