Monday, May 26, 2008

The weekend

Well our systems are down at work, so I figured I'd take a minute and blog.

Random things:
I decided to try the Crystal Light Single Serving Mix - Pink Lemonade. It's actually not bad! Maybe my body is adjusting to artificial sweetener - saying well if it is the only way I'm going to get sweet stuff... I'm generally not a fan of things like aspartame, Splenda, etc...

We had a great weekend. Duncan and I had the privilege of meeting Warren. What a sweet boy. Cute too! Duncan was a little jealous when Mommy was holding him, but Duncan will need to adjust when Mommy and Daddy decide to have another baby.

Sunday afternoon Duncan and I hung out with Theresa on her back patio. Duncan discovered dirt for himself... so he was having a good time there.

I'm trying contact lenses again. I wore them for years and years, but lately haven't found any comfortable ones. But I had some sample packs so I'm trying those and right now, 3rd day in a row, it's going pretty good. I find by the evening I'm done with them - eyes are too dry, but it will certainly be easier than Duncan grabbing my glasses all the time!

Have a good Monday everyone!


Laura said...

Must have been a "systems down" day all over today! We had systems issues all day too.

Tanya said...

Were you singing the Strongbad Tune and flickering the lights? "The System is Down...The System is Down..." Great dance music ;)

Carole said...

No, I can't say I was Tanya, but you know, I'll look it up some time :)Apparently Duncan was dancing during story time this morning - that's my boy! Dancing to everything!