Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol Finale

So it comes to another end - American Idol Season finale is tonight. They are handing it to David Archuleta - although David Cook is a phenomenal musician, and I really look forward to seeing what he is going release. It's funny because the producers of the show still very much push who they want to win. David A. is a really, really talented kid, and he has been consistently an excellent singer this entire season. My problem is I couldn't imagine listening to an entire cd of him. David Cook - in a heart beat. I'm a fan of Daughtry, but he's more talented than Chris, and I really look forward to more music from him. And he's easy on the eyes.

And do pretty much the one television show I follow at all any more (is any one else bored with tv?) is done. So now I'll be watching nothing! Not that this is really a problem - I think part of the reason I don't watch more tv is because I'm busy with other things in life, like a cute little boy :)

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PrincessButtercup said...

Just chiming in to say hi, I don't watch American Idol but I wanted you to know that I watch Polar Bear's Den teehee....