Sunday, March 28, 2010

Datebook March 28 2010

I usually copy and paste from Word, but am too lazy to do that, so I'll go from Memory

Outside - yesterday was gorgeous! Today pouring rain! Oh well. I have no idea the forecast for the rest of the week

I am thinking - I need to make sure I don't spend too much time relaxing this coming week. I think part of the reason we've never moved before now is that we're lazy. Also, only 5 weeks until I go back to work.

I am hoping - we can pull this house thing off within our time limit.

Weekend - Saturday morning we went for breakfast with my parents at White Spot. It's been months since we did that, and you can tell because Duncan was so well behaved. We just don't eat out a lot, but perhaps it wouldn't hurt once in a while. It could also be that he was extra good because Oma and Opa were there. Anyhow, we went home, cleaned out the shed, vegged for a bit while the kids napped - okay, Duncan didn't nap. And he was tired. And so we were going to go get him his bike, but said he'd have to wait b/c he didn't listen to us. It worked out better that we didn't get one because we had a busy day. Anyhow, off to Mom and Dad's dropped off stuff, helped them with computer problems, had a cup of tea, then we went grocery shopping, and then finally home. Sunday we went to church this morning, and in the afternoon Cordie and I went and looked at some show homes with Rhonda and Alexandra, and then we went over to the Bell's to celebrate Rhonda's 40th birthday today. It was nice to see them again - 2x in 2 weeks!

In the Kitchen: A little unprepared this week, I think pasta tomorrow, we have pork chops and chicken in the freezer, and also fish sticks and fries.

Plans: clean, sort, pack, blah blah... I need to run some errands, Oh, the realtor my brother is asking us to consider using is coming over Tuesday night. Bill is off Thursday and Friday. Oh and Duncan has swimming on Wednesday - he's starting to do better with it now.

I am reading: Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie - it's cute

Picture thought:
I posted this one on facebook, but it's just cute.

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