Sunday, March 28, 2010

Things to do

We had a good weekend getting a kick start on preparing to put our place on the market. Our goal was to empty out a good number of boxes from our shed and bring them to Mom and Dad's (aka Mom and Dad's House of Storage), so that we have more room in the shed. We want more room in the shed so as we get stuff boxed up we can just put them in there and we should be able to avoid needing to rent storage space like we did the last time.

Our brief stint on the market last time helped us get rid of a lot of stuff, and we made a lot of repairs at that time, so we're in too bad of shape.

So, what needs to be done:
Outside the gardens need to be cleaned up and we need to pressure wash all concrete
Inside: put the majority of kids stuff up in their rooms, pack away most dvds, find a nice table cloth to throw over the train table so that when we're showing it looks like a coffee table (although we're not going to try and totally hide that kids live here, kids do, after all, live here)

Not too much in the kitchen, although we're discussing moving the sideboard or sewing desk. We'll see there. Oh, and Jeff is supposed to come and tile a backsplash for us. I also want to see if I can find some reliable way to string a curtain across the washer/dryer area. So far spring loaded curtain rods have not worked. I already did a good declutter of that bathroom.

Upstairs - go through all closets, pack stuff up, move it around, make more room, etc... we want to paint the master bedroom (painting party next weekend if anyone is free)

And then clean clean clean.

Bill has a 5 day weekend over Easter, so we're really hoping we can get it all done and on the market by next week. We have 90 days to sell, buy, and move. It is 3 months, and not undoable. Let's pray it all comes together!

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