Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Datebook February 16, 2010

Today… from the home of the little girl who is 9-months old today!

Outside my window: It's dark, but it was quite clear out, I saw the moon, and it's not that cold. It's supposed to get up to 15 C later in the week!

I am hearing: Duncan's music. It seems quite loud tonight.

I am thinking: Not a whole lot.

I am hoping: Cordie sleeps longer than 2 hours at a time tonight. Duncan doesn't fuss going to Nikki's tomorrow.

I am reading: Would you believe I am 14 pages from the end of Echo?! Yes, after all this time it is almost done. I said to Bill my next few books will be shorter and paperback so they are a bit more portable. But you know, I've totally enjoyed it, and because it's like visiting old friends, I don't mind dragging it out a little because I know it will be a while before the next book comes out.

I am creating: Nothing. But I should be! I'm so poor with my time management lately it's crazy. Oh, I am working on my other blog. It doesn't look like much yet, but I'm learning how to make my own banner, button, etc... check out messychicmama.blogspot.com I'll let you know once something real is on there.

I am wearing: pj pants, brown t-shirt. Slippers that are barely hanging on to life.

In the kitchen: Um, tonight was steak, potatoes and green beans and peas. Last night was pasta and a yummy sausage/turkey pasta sauce. So, later this week we've got stuffed pastry chicken, lasagne, goulash, and other stuff I just can't bring to mind. But we do have a menu.

Plans for the week: Well it's Tuesday. Sorry about that. Tonight I had registration for next year's preschool. M, W, F for the boy. He's loving going there so that's a good thing. Tomorrow is MOPS, and seriously I'm considering not going because I'd like to get some stuff done around here, but I kind of feel like I paid for the year, so I should go. Otherwise... our big plans for the week... on Saturday we're going to an Olympic event!! Our awesome friend Gosia said she has 2 tickets for us to join her and her friend (she's in town from TO) and if we pay for snacks she'll pay for our tickets. So I called up my Mom looking for a sitter. "Mom, Gosia has offered us 2 tickets to go see a men's hockey game on Saturday afternooon..." "Yes I'll babysit!!!" LOL, I didn't even need to ask. My Mom rocks. Anyhow, so now the challenge is getting Cordie to drink milk from a bottle. I've been giving her water from a bottle, so she's getting used to that, but I have not been pumping at all and produce almost nothing when I do, so we'll see how that goes. I need to keep at it. We figure we'll be gone for about 8-hours total so if all else fails, formula? She's never had it before, so we'll see. Not a horrible option. Not like I'll quit nursing over it. Anyhow, I'm super excited to do something Olympics.

A few of my favourite things: Duncan singing with all his heart in church Sunday morning even though he didn't know the words or the tunes. And I know God didn't mind that either. It was just awesome.

A picture thought:
From gym time at the Leisure Centre last Friday morning.


Tanya said...

But at 8 hours, you'll need to get good at hand-expressing, or take a pump, because that could be a painful day!
The downside of formula is that it's expensive and when we went to buy some, it only came in large amounts. We ended up buying the canned pre-mixed stuff because we knew a container of powdered stuff, though cheaper by the bottle, would go bad before we used it.

Carole said...

Good point. I do have a manual option on mine and may want to bring it along. And yes, I agree, probably premade formula because I don't see needing it often.

Nancy said...

Cool about the hockey game! One of my coworkers lives in Ottawa but he's at the Olympics. I've been following his adventures on Twitter. Sounds like fun!

オテモヤン said...