Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday misc

No creative title here.

Yesterday was our 9th wedding anniversary. Yay! I think we've already beat significant odds by being married this long! Let's pray it is many, many more.

In the morning the kids and I went to visit Tanya and Warren at their new digs. It was a wonderful day! Thanks again for having us over Tanya. Duncan was telling Bill all about his day, and Warren and Tanya... all the way home "where's Warren?" "Warren is napping honey". And we had a blast at the Variety park. We'll def. need to go there again - this time with sunblock, and a bit earlier before lunch so he can have a bit more time to run around. I'm just loading up a small video to FB of Duncan on the roller slide. Boy, did he loved that one.

We didn't go out in the evening for our anniversary. We're going on Saturday instead and Theresa is going to watch the kids. This will be our 1st time going out with no kids since Cordie was born. Mainly b/c I'm nursing and you don't want to go too far afield when she might end up needing you. See in the morning, say on the weekend, I can go for an hour or two - shopping or whereever - after she's eaten b/c she tends to nap much more in the morning than in the evening. But in the evening she cluster feeds, and so I'm not quite sure how that will go. Bill gave her a bottle on Tuesday night (1st time) and that went well, so I am sure everything will be okay. We're going for dinner a block away at a new place, so if worst comes to worst I can be home in 5 minutes walking.

Today I went over the bridge to Langley and had coffee with Theresa and then poked around the new office a bit. Visited with my supervisor - you know, kiss up a little. *grin*. While I was there another coworker also on mat leave showed up with her baby, so that was neat to see them. Mine's cuter *grin*.

Then we were off to the Passport office in Surrey. Surrey is big. I don't think about it much b/c I don't go there often, but it's just a bit place with lots of streets. Anyhow, I missed my turn, so got my handy google map reference (aka Bill) on the phone and he got me straightened out. The actual time at the office was good. I was in and out of the building in 50 minutes and that included changing Cordie 2x and nursing her once. So we'll get the passport in a few weeks. We're not going away or anything, but it's just nice to have.

Duncan has been fighting naps and night time. What it comes down to is that he's having far too much fun and doesn't want the day to end. So I think we're going to need to introduce a cool down period about half an hour before bed. No tv - just books, or playing trains or something quiet. We'll see. Darn us for being such awesome parents. *sigh* Oh the weight of the world...

Nancy - sounds like you guys are settling in just awesome. What kind of business does Jon run? You guys are so good about getting out with them to parks and fairs and festivals and stuff.

Alright, it's 9:30 and Bill is gaming tonight so I think I'll pack up and head to bed. I think both kids are asleep now. Good night.


Nancy said...

He's a financial consultant - he does life insurance, 529s, 401(k) rollovers, etc.

Momma Such said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
I'm following you from MBC! :)