Monday, June 21, 2010

5 days until move #1

Good morning friends. Quick post before getting the kids up. Duncan has a nasty cold and had a hard night last night, so I think I'm going to be extra gentle with him this morning.

5 days until move number 1! Let's see... the place is slowly getting there. And when we came home from Father's Day festivities yesterday the house actually had that starting to get empty feel. It's hard to keep the house functionally neat during this process, but we do still have two small children who need to be able to play, and eat, and sleep etc... The plan is to not finalize their rooms until the morning we actually move. We're actually moving out a day earlier than we need to so we have time to finish cleaning, move odds and ends etc... I don't like that pressure of get out by noon.

We are into the "make meals out of stuff in our freezer and cupboard" mode, but we'll actually be pretty good on that front. Which reminds me, I need to take the steak out to thaw for dinner tonight.

We meet with the notary this afternoon to do all our signing of papers and to, yes, believe it or not, make a will! We've been putting this off for a long, long time, and figured it was time to finally get it done. Not that it would be complicated - pretty much when one of us goes, the other person gets everything, if we both go, the kids get it all, if we all go we don't care. Bwahaha!! No, but really, it needs to be done.

So, Friday morning my brother is delivering his trailer (bless him) that will allow us to store our furniture at his place for the two weeks - thereby removing the need to unload it all at Mom and Dad's and reload it again in two weeks. We could still use some extra hands if someone is available to help move stuff or clean. Ronnie and Theresa are both helping me clean. It shouldn't be too big of a job, but you know, wipe down walls, good vacuum, etc... Our realtor actually told us to not have the carpets cleaned and don't go crazy with the cleaning b/c what might be clean for us is not clean for someone else. Likewise, plan on a cleaning job when we move in.

And that's it! Time to go get the wee ones up. Have a gloriously wonderful Monday.

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Tanya Baron said...

I'm thinking of bringing my 2 little ones and some cleaning supplies out on Friday. It depends on if I have an extra kid or not! MAybe see you then!