Sunday, June 13, 2010

New House stuff

I figured this should be a separate post.

Less than a month until we're in our new house. I wish it was sooner. We're just ready to be in there. We love to chat about what needs to be done, what we're going to buy. I think we'll get a cordless electric mower. The yard is big enough, but not huge, and in efforts to be more environmentally friendly and all.

What we need to do: Okay I say we, but Bill will be doing most of this with my Dad acting as foreman *grin*. I have the Monday and Tuesday after we move into the new house off. Bill might also. So we're hoping we can get most of what needs to be done, done then. That includes having service people in - furnace services, chimney swept, insulation piped in, gutters fixed, flashing around the chimney fixed. We plan on making the downstairs laundry room into a functional bathroom, so we need to get a toilet and a small vanity for in there. We need to move the door from my woman cave (men get Man Caves, so I think a better name than "my sewing room" is warranted - can you think of a better name?). Anyhow, we need to move the access to that room from what will be the bathroom to the hallway. That's probably our biggest job.

We need to replace the wax rings around the existing toilets. We need to replace the door from the garage to the basement with a proper rated steal door. The deck needs to be repaired. It's not broken - actually all of this stuff is more preventative than needs to be fixed. It's "an ounce of prevention" type stuff.

Okay... so you know I started writing this around 8:30 this morning, but Duncan wanted to play. And how do you say no to a little boy who wants to build train tracks with you? Well, you don't. It's almost 10:30 PM now, so I'll just send this off and blather on about our new house later. Good night! 

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Anonymous said...

Woman's cave = boudoir!