Monday, May 3, 2010

Surviving my return to work

Actually, it wasn't that bad today.  I wasn't sad, I wasn't nervous, it just felt like I'd never left. Well except it's a new office, I don't know 1/2 the people, and almost 1/2 the proceedures have changed. But otherwise, it's the same old, same old.

I did get the low down on what I'll be doing. For quite some time they've been saying they didn't know where I would be going. I always said this was nonsense (okay, I used a stronger word than nonsense, but we'll keep it clean). And today I got called into a meeting with the head guy, and they asked me to do a 3-4 month stint in a roll I haven't done in 8 years.

I actually don't mind - I always enjoyed that job, but I pointed out that it had been 8 years, and every thing about that job had changed in that time. So while I appreciate their confidence in me, I'm not sure they'll be getting the output they perhaps were hoping for. The roll is called a DBA. I explained I'm also an expensive DBA because I still get paid at case manager levels. I just hope they don't have some silly idea of my going back to that permanently.

Duncan's school is having a Mother's Day tea on Thursday morning. So I took a 1/2 day off, and I am going to surprise Duncan at school. I was going to keep Cordie home for part of the day, but I think while we're gettting into the swing of it all, it would be better to maintain routine for a bit longer yet.

No word on the house yet. They accepted our counter offer, but the other people are still trying to remove subjects and have until tomorrow night to do it. They went ahead and got an inspection in case financing comes through - their final subject. Having had an inspection - not good news. But maybe if they haven't had financing yet, they won't tomorrow either. And if they don't, it's our turn. Let's keep hoping and praying!

In other news. Duncan went pee on the potty FIVE times today!! He'd been sitting on it here and there, but this is by far the biggest jump forward for us. Nikki said she'd straighten him out. Gee Nikki, on day one - good job! I told you she rocks. Okay, we're still a ways off from fully trained, but that's an awesome start. Cordie also did good today. She seems to be adjusting to the new swing of things just fine.


Tanya Baron said...

YAY Duncan!!
Your potty training thoughts made me remember this article:

Tanya Baron said...

OOOOOPS wrong link. I meant THIS one:

So sorry, really.

Anonymous said...

You're a brave Mommy, glad the kids are doing so well and that soon you'll have half the diapers to deal with.

Good luck on the house hunting/closing of deals. I shudder to think how long it would take to clean this place after living here for 37 years!