Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

It is a glorious day! Happy Mother's Day! I hope you're being treated well and enjoying your day.

I found it quite funny as I was running errands yesterday how a lot of signs said "Say I love you with..." Say I love you with roses. Say I love you wish a gift basket (from the liquor store ha ha ha!). How about we say I love you with our mouths and actions?

I've been having a really nice day. Bill tried to let me sleep in. He got up early with Duncan - how was awake early for some reason today. And I got up with Cordie around 7:30. She is teething and is quite irked at me this weekend for the whole day care thing. And so when she is awake it's all about Mommy. I don't mind this, but some times I need to put her down or pass her to Bill, and even this she doesn't like. She is going to be super POed at me tomorrow morning when I drop her off at Nikki's.

Bill made me breakfast (french toast and bacon). Cordie took a wee nap while I showered, and then went for a walk down by the river. It was really neat! We hadn't been on that trail before. Duncan did fall into the mud, and so when we got back to the car had to strip him down, but we weren't too far from home, so that wasn't a big deal. We hung around outside talking to our neighbour while Duncan and Lily played. I made some Sunshine Lemon Bars and the rest of the family is napping right now. We'll be off to Mom and Dad's once everyone is awake.

Housing Update. Okay, I edited this part out b/c there has been a development. Bah. I need to stop blogging about places we like.

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