Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend catch up

Good morning friends!

Lots going on around here. It's a beautiful weekend. Today is Cordelia's 1st birthday. She is an amazing beautiful little girl and it's been an awesome year. She is pulling herself to standing, so I don't think we're too far off cruising and then walking. She never really did crawl. She could, she just does the army crawl instead. She is an awesome eater. She seemed to enjoy the cake we gave her.

Oh, we had her party yesterday. It was a super nice little get together. We parked our car somewhere else and used the carport. We brought the BBQ up front and hung out around there. It was Mom and Dad (Oma and Opa), Theresa, our neighbours Phil and Karen and their daughters Lily and Ava. And Jesse and Laura and Gabe came up from Seattle. It was perfect. Rhonda was going to come with the kids but very sadly she had to put her 19 year old cat Hemmingway down yesterday. She said she thought she'd be fine, I'm not surprised she was upset. I was a wreck with Wraith died and he was only 7!

On the housing front - inspection went great! No surprises. A few recommendations for upkeep, or warnings like "you'll need to replace the furnace soon" (which we knew). We'll have some cash at our disposal after all the dust settles so we'll get some of the bigger things taken care of.  There will also be the matter of new furniture for the living room, shelving and redoing carpets in my sewing room, painting - little things. I want to put a toilet in the laundry room (it's roughed in to be a bathroom), so we have a toilet downstairs for the kids. We're still trying to figure out the bedroom situation. Upstairs the two of the kids rooms - the one that is perfectly decorated for a little girl is quite a bit bigger than the smaller one which is boy colours. I think we should leave them as they are b/c Duncan will have all his toys in the rec room anyhow, whereas Bill thinks we should switch them b/c Cordie doesn't need as much room right now and then Duncan can have his train table in his room. Both make sense. I think laziness will win initially - not wanting to do a whole lot when we move in, and later Duncan can take a bedroom downstairs if he would like. I can always switch my sewing room to the smaller room upstairs.

It's all exciting though. We have signed off on the subjects, however do need final verbal confirmation that the house is insurable. Then we need to get the deposit cheques and we're done!! Please pray that these people find a place to move June 26th. We can live with Mom and Dad, but it means moving everything twice.

Now, on a very sad note, we found out this morning that the father of our friend's son (our good friend Theresa, her son Ryan's Dad) was killed in a motorcycle accident yesterday. Everyone is still in shock. Ryan is a mess (he's 16). Theresa is sad on so many levels - not only for Ryan, but Rick was her friend. It's going to be a long road for Ryan. Although she said she wasn't hungry we had Theresa over for "coffee" but got her to eat some yoghurt and pancakes anyhow. I told her she'd need the energy, and the last thing she needs is that feeling sick b/c she hasn't had anything to eat feeling. Please pray for Ryan. To be 16 and lose your Dad. Well really at any age, but they were close.

Have a good week friends.

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That is really sad to hear - glad you could cheer Theresa up even with a bit of "coffee".

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