Tuesday, May 25, 2010


How you can tell I'm back at work. I have no time to blog (or read blogs!)

Outside my window: Some sun. some rain. Clouds. I hope it's cooler tonight.
I am hearing: Bill playing the latest Prince of Persia game. It is 9:43 and I was going to go to bed early tonight. So much for that.
I am thinking: I should really go to bed.
I am hoping: That the people we are buying from still surprise us and we can move on the 26th of June. That Cordie once again starts sleeping through the night. That my 5-year plan works out.
I am wondering: not a whole lot.
I am reading: A Minor Indescretion by Carole Matthews. A week ago I'd never heard of this British Author, and I read another one of hers called With or Without You - good British romance with some good humour thrown in. And practical results. I loved it! So I'm reading this one too. I got them from a coworker. Bless her.

I am wearing:my pj pants, a black t-shirt and some purple socks. Yep, I'm a sight to see!
In the kitchen:  tonight was tostadas (like toasted tacos - pretty good!). Also this week - pork chops, several chicken meals (which reminds me, I need to buy chicken), steak kabobs

This Week:  it's Tanya's birthday! Happy Birthday my darling! Love you lots! Otherwise, work, work... um Friday I have off so we can go to the bank and sign this and that and the next thing - mortgage, rrsp, resp, etc... I am thinking of seeing if I can set up a playdate with one of Duncan's friends from school.
A few of my favourite things: Duncan finally getting being potty trained. We've yet to get it mastered, but he is doing awesome with the 1st part of if. I knew we only had to wait until he was ready! I think night times will be a while away b/c as much as I love it, this kid does not get out of bed. Playing with Cordie. We play "here you go"  - she hands me something, I say thank you, then I give it back, she grins, gives me a big hug, and then hands it to me again. We can do this for a long time, and I don't mind one bit. My husband. Hey, he's not a thing, but he's a favourite!!
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Tanya Baron said...

You've definitely been on my mind! I'm trying to wrap my mind around getting back to work with Xavier still waking up so much at night. Thanks for the birthday wishes!
We're so excited about your house purchase. What is your 5 year plan?