Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday afternoon

Anyone want a 3-year old? :) Oh it's crazy. Yesterday he was the most agreeable little boy on the face of the planet. Today we had a 15 minute melt down because he didn't want to get dresses. They didn't go to sportball because it was not worth dragging him out there when it would just be him sitting on the bench not wanting to play. *sigh*. But he's down for a nap now, and then we're going to Chris and Rhondas, so hopefully he'll be a bit better for us.

Chris and Rhonda invited us over for a "We're sorry you have to go back to work" supper. LOL! That's so awesome. Looking forward to seeing them. This time we're remembering the playpen so we don't need to leave by 7 PM due to an overtired girl with no place to sleep. Duncan I'm not so worried about. He can either keep going or do what I used to do as a little kid when were out - fall asleep under the table :)

Yesterday the kids were at daycare - Cordie has done pretty good transitioning in to that. And Bill had a flex day, so we had a day alone together! So what did we do?! We ran errands!! *grin* Actually, we met Andy to look at a few more houses. It just confirmed our decision on the one on 228th. More on that in a minute. We then went out for lunch together, ran to Zellers (Cordie needed a jacket), Payless (BOGO - so got 2 pairs of runners for Duncan - one for now, one next size up for later... both for $21 total - not too shabby!), and then to Hopcott Meats for our week of meat needs.

So yes, we looked at 3 places, including one we'd previously liked as our back up in case 228th fell through. Well, upon 2nd showing - it's still good, but we do realize it would need some work. Two other places - one was awesome location, but higher in price and would need work, and then one was really neat - different layout and good shape over all, but the rooms weren't enough for our needs. So we had put in an offer on the one we love, they countered, we countered... and we were supposed to hear today if it was accepted.

Except it turns out that the other offer on the place was never officially collapsed, and those people are still trying to get financing for this house. So after all that we still might not get it. That would be a shame. We want it!! But subjects are set to be removed on Tuesday for that deal, so we just need to wait. Sounds like that other realtor is a bit of a piece of work and has left town for the week, didn't leave his work with anyone, and can only be reached by email...

We're not fretting over it - we're just annoyed because we want to move ahead with it all. We're ready to be done with this process and get subjects removed and look forward to moving in.

And that's where we're at. Duncan is just waking up from a nap and I can hear him whining... so doesn't sound like that did him a world of good. Great. I keep hearing Jo Frost's voice in my head "be the adult, be the parent"...


Jill said...

Just glad to hear that I am not the only one who, on occasion, wants to trade in her toddler. Cheers

Tanya Baron said...

Warren's whining, combined with a dose of banshee-like screaming from Xavier is wearing Andre down. Good thing we're wildly in love with them, eh?