Monday, July 26, 2010

Datebook July 26, 2010

outside it is sunny. I accidentally just typed that it is funny. Anyhow. It's been sunny and hot. I think high 20s again today. Blah. I love the sun, but a few degrees cooler in the evening would be good.
I am reading "A Kind of Magic" by Carole Matthews. This is like my 6th or 7th book of hers in the last 2 months or so. They are all totally unrelated, so something different each time
In the kitchen I almost don't even remember. Last night we did Beer Butt Chicken, something we love but havne't done in years. Nice having the BBQ outside the kitchen. Makes it a lot easier to just step outside and throw something on the BBQ. Also on the menu this week home made greek, tacos I think (probably tonight), chicken nuggets and fries (yeah, I know, exciting, but it works), and we'll figure out the rest as we go.
Weekend Saturday was a wash. Sunday was awesome. Saturday morning we met my folks for breakfast - something the kids love. Duncan loves the hashbrowns and pretty much clears off all our plates of it... wait, unless Cordie isn't grabbing it 1st! she was helping herself to mine. Quite funny. Anyhow, then off to Costco to pick up some stuff we needed. We bought, and Bill installed, a ceiling fan in the dining room  - much needed. Also a new microwave b/c, well, we need one. And also these pop up foot rest block things we'll use in the living room until our furniture arrives. Then Duncan just started acting horrible all day. He wouldn't nap - but he needed to. And then he was just being a, well, 3 year old. Anyhow, we were going to do movie night with him but didn't. We were asked by some friends to go to the Fair, but didn't b/c he was acting so bad. We also turned down two separate friends asking if they could come over. Sorry Tanya!! We'll have you guys over before you're back to work!!
Sunday was nice. We went to the Country Fair with our friends - the kids really enjoyed that. I'll post some pictures soon. Then home. Theresa and I got our nails done - you should see my cute toes! And then our friends Phil and Karen and their kids came over and the kids played in the pool and on the climber, and ran around... it is so wonderful having a back yard! We had some salads and corn on the cob with the chicken and then went out for ice cream after. Duncan was over the moon about going out for ice cream. It was so funny.
This week Not much on the go. Bill's boss is retiring so he'll be out on Thursday. Work will be crazy this week as I'm off next week. I think I need to see if Duncan's friend can come over one afternoon as we haven't had them over yet.
Alright, kids are waking up. Have a good day!

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