Friday, July 16, 2010

Making it through to the other side

Good morning everyone!

From our wonderful new living room, enjoying a few minutes peace before getting the kids up... it's Carole! Yes I am still around, I am still alive, and we lived through the moving experience.

Actually, everything went great, and we are loving being here. We are really comfortable in the house, and it just feels good to be here. It certainly doesn't only feel like it's been a week that we've been here.

What sucks is that I have to go to work today. They gave me M-Th, but not Friday b/c Fridays can be busy. *sigh* Oh well!! Bill couldn't get today either, so one day of work is better than 5! And thank goodness we had most of the week off to get stuff done.

So let's see... the move actually went well. A little chaotic at the end. I had to wait around at the new place for the cable guy and so I was unable to help at the old place - which I hated. I mean I had to unpack stuff here, but I just felt like I wasn't doing my part in the move. But between Bill, 5 of his buddies, and Theresa and Rhonda they took care of everything, bless them!

This week the kids were at daycare still so we could get stuff done. We also had a lot of running around to do, and paperwork - address changes etc... which I'm still not done! Mom and Dad came back from vacation on Tuesday, and on Wednesday morning jumped right in and helped us tackle getting this place in order, and right now, I would say we're 80% there. The main living area upstairs is about 90% done. We ordered some furniture, but it will take about 6 weeks to get here so I popped on Craigslist and found a free local couch- which is actually a great couch in good condition, not ugly, and will make a good rec room couch later. We also borrowed a love seat and chair from my folks that used to be my Oma's. Not the colours I would choose, but wonderful to have until our stuff arrives. Downstairs we also have Oma's old wall unit for the rec room and it is awesome! Holds toys and books and dvds and is just perfect for the space.

Bill and my Dad jumped in right away to start renovating my sewing room, and it looks awesome! The door had been through the laundry room, so they put a door way into the main hall, and framed up the previous door. They moved the previous door up so we can eventually make the laundry room into a separate bathroom. They gutted the fake wood panelling and nasty brown carpet. Dad set up a new light switch and power socket. Today he is bringing in someone to measure for dry wall. Once that is done, new door, new floor, and then it's all mine! I can't say how much I appreciate them getting on it right away.

As for other stuff - the kitchen is actually quite limited in space, especially counter space. We are looking to get some kind of a kitchen island on wheels. Dad is also going to be installing a new kitchen faucette for us as the other one is short and leaky.

The kids love the house! They love the space and the back yard. I love that Duncan can go run around the back yard and a. he has a lot of room to do so and b. we don't need to worry about him. They left a little play house built out of wood. They also left a sand box with a lid, but we need to get the old sand out and new sand in. We have several fruit trees - pear, peach (my Mom thinks), apple, and I think maybe one other. We also have a plot for future vegetable garden use.

And that's it!! I am behind on all things internet - just not a priority, but I'll get there!

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