Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday morning

Good morning! Super quick post as the kids are waking up. It is going to be insane at work this week. Insane! I've been doing 1/2 a case load with someone, and her last day was last Wednesday. A new girl starts today (who has had training in our other office, but still will take a bit to get up and running), and she's only part time to start (she was hit by a taxi a while back!). So on top of being behind from last week, and carrying most of this case load until the new girl is up and running, I'm on vacation next week for most of the week (they wouldn't give me Friday *sigh*), and we're supposed to work ahead. Ha ha ha!! Not a chance! But the week will go quick!

You know what's also insane? Tanya is shaving her head today for cancer. Good job Tanya. Enjoy your carefree hair style just in time for the heat wave coming through!

We should be finally completing today. Well our notary has the money so I just need to go in and get my cash. Woo hoo!! Will be good to have that all done.

What else... we had originally planned to go to my parent's cabin in August, but as Cordie is just at that mobile stage we think we need to bail on that idea. The idea of having to watch her every second makes me tired, and we wouldn't be able to go to the beach b/c we'd have to hold her the whole time - something she wouldn't be too keen on. But it's all rocks down there and she loves to put rocks in her mouth! Anyhow, I know Duncan would love it - he loved it last year -but we might need to wait a year before going back with both kids. I'm hoping Mom isn't too mad at me about cancelling!

It's supposed to get hot this week *sigh*. I like sun, but don't love it being hot. Can't please everyone though.

Alright, time to get the kids up. Have a good week! 5 days until we move! Woo hoo!

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Momma Such said...

Sounds like you are busy, busy! Hope all goes well for you. Going to the cabin sounds like fun, but then again I probably wouldn't want to have to keep such a close leash on my child either. Either way, enjoy your summer! :)