Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ah the peace of sleeping chidlren

Hello friends!

It's a soothing time of day when everything is done - the kids are in bed, lunches for tomorrow are made (thanks Bill!), the kitchen is clean, puttering is done... You can truly sit back and relax and not have that "I really should be doing..." feeling.

We're doing good thanks! How are you? We're settling in really well. It feels like we've been here much longer than 2 weeks. We're really comfortable in this house. Yesterday we borrowed Dad's truck and went and bought a china cabinet off of Craigslist. It looks good and is providing some much needed storage. We're now toying with the idea of cabinets in the kitchen. Well, more cabinets. We may go used if we can. The drywallers finished the Quilt Cave today so now I need to pick paint colours and get on that.

Other stuff... this weekend is Country Fest which we're planning on taking the kids to. It's free and should be a good time for them.

Work is pretty crazy. Rather stressful. *sigh* Whatcha gonna do though.

We are off the 1st week of August, so that will be nice and relaxing. And then we're off to Vegas in September while Mom watches the kids. Oh bless her. She thinks she is going to be tired when she is done. I think she is right *grin* You'll do fine Mom!!

The kids are doing great. Cordie is just a sweet willful little girl. She is so funny though. She loves to laugh. She adores her big brother. She is not walking yet, but it shouldn't be long. And then watch out!! She sleeps awesome at night. We are still nursing, but only once a day and maybe for a moment before bed. I don't think it will be long before we're done with that.

Duncan is also good. He's just an awesome little kid. He loves the big back yard. He still loves his trains.

Alright, Bill is waiting for me so I am gonig to go. Have a good night!

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Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Adjusting to a move can be difficult, I am glad it is going so smooth! Have fun this weekend.