Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's done! (Or is it.... okay, yeah, it is)

I said on Facebook the other day "if you're sick of this, imagine how we feel!"

But it's done. Well mostly. Okay, let me back up. I'll be as brief as I can. Our realtor was out of town for 5 days and so his coworker handled stuff for him. We were getting quite frustrated having heard nothing. Was the buying planning on completing? Not? Did we need to proceed with legal action? So we got our temp agent to call the buyer's agent and find out. Yes, they were planning on completing, just getting stuff together.

On Tuesday we heard she was waiting for CMHC approval, and we were asked what we would like in the addendum to the contract. New posession date (July 11th, had been June 26th before), and we asked for $500 in damages. More on that in a moment. Temp realtor went back to them with it, and what we heard back was that while the buyer was willing to cut us a cheque for $500, Buyer's realtor ( let's call him "BR" from here on to save me typing) refused to write it in and they were going collapse the deal if we didn't just take the deal they offered. Said and done, we just wanted it done, so we took it as it was. We got a call Wednesday afternoon "It's done. Money has been transfered. It's officially done" (the lady had to add someone to the title in the end, so she had a bit of a time).

But as I thought about things on Wednesday I got really mad about it. Oh, PMS didn't help either. LOL!! But I felt we had been bullied into accepting that deal, and it made me really, really mad. Bill had a few good points though:
  •  We had prayed that if there was a way we could stay in this place for two extra weeks, we would like it please (prayer answered)
  • We had prayed that said and done if we could still complete the deal, we'd really like that (prayer answered)
  • Temp realtor is a bit of a pushy person (as opposed to Andy, it's why we like Andy!), and we were wondering if just perhaps he had tried to push BR into something and so BR pushed back. Our experience with him had been one of being reasonable, and it didn't sound typical of BR to get all bitchy about it all of a sudden.
Andy called today, back from his trip. I was really frank with him - we're supper thrilled this is done. But we were wondering if maybe it was a "personality conflict" over the $500. Andy was wondering the same thing. He said one way or another he will get us our compensation. Even if it has to come out of his own pocket. I hope not!! But he appreciates how good we've been about this all.

Oh, we've had our mad/grumpy/sad moments about the whole thing, but overall, we did pretty good.

It's Canada Day today, so everyone is closed, and most people have tomorrow closed. Our notary is closed tomorrow, so we can't get our money until Monday anyhow. That's fine, we weren't going to do anything with it until we move anyhow. But it's nice to move ahead with planning again.

I'll go on about other stuff soon. Back to normal life. Both kids have colds. I had to take Duncan for a chest x-ray - oh boy, that was traumatic! He now needs a puffer for a chronic cough - hopefully it goes away soon too! Tanya is shaving her head on Monday for cancer. You are a rock star Tanya. Enjoy your short hair! I wonder if it will come back in different!

I am going to post about this experience in aother post. It's been interesting...

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