Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Before I go any further I am not one of these people that complains when it rains during the summer, or it's not warm enough etc... I do enjoy nice weather, but I don't enjoy hot weather. We have hot weather. It's miserable.

Okay, in relation to some other people, it's not 104F+ out (thank goodness) but I did figure it was 96+ humidity this afternoon (using classic double it and add 30 - Blue said it was 33C).

Last night we slept just miserably and so in the middle of the night - when Bill was getting up at 1:30 AM to go downstairs and play on the computer for a bit b/c it was too hot to sleep - I muttered to him "I don't care what, we're putting in the air conditioner tomorrow". In his defense it was absolutely buried in the back of the shed, but this morning while I took Duncan out to the store with me for some Duncan/Mommy time he and Grandpa Bob pulled the A/C out of the back of the shed (along with an extra chair for the kitchen table) and when we came home they were installing it in the bedroom window. God bless them! It is so comfortable up there now, let's hope Cordie sleeps well tonight and we can all get a good nights rest.

The kids and I went to the water park in Pitt Meadows this afternoon. Mom and Dad have my niece and nephew this week, so Mom has been taking them to the park and what not each day. So we went to join them. We agreed that MR Park is better, and perhaps on Thursday we'll go there for a bit. Today we were going to go to Stanley Park but are going to see tomorrow morning about going instead.

Alright, Bill just popped out to grab some supper, and Cordie is making noise, so I'll go see if she'd like to eat before supper is here.

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