Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dead ants

Alright... so most of you probably know we had a bit of an issue with ants in the house this week. If not, read about it in my husband's blog.

So, yesterday it got to be enough is enough. Bill had been out with the guys the night before and I wanted to let him sleep in, but I came downstairs and the ants were all over. It was so incredibly disgusting. I had to get him up to help clean them up b/c I also had to care for the kids, and couldn't feed them, etc... while obsessing with ants. He asked me to call the pest control guy, who had been out Monday evening to spray outside. The owner of the company came out this morning (Sunday morning - which incidentally costs about $100- $150, even though it was a Sunday, which I thought was pretty darned good. I tried to google how much pest control on a Sunday (a non-business day) would cost and couldn't find anything, so hopefully that helps someone else) and took a look, and then sprayed in the house. He told us that this problem was much bigger than just from this ant season. The ants coming out of our wall would have established themselves at least last year, and the big problem in the back yard had probably been several years in the making.

Anyhow, he has sprayed. We deserted the house for the day and so far while there are a few stragglers, it would seem that maybe we're on top of the ant problem - finally. Please pray it is done for us.

It seems like such a trivial thing while my friend's father is in the hospital, but it's just the creepy factor.

Now, as for deserting the house for the day, my very dear friends threw a baby shower for Cordie today. It was so wonderful. I am so blessed with the friends and family I have. Ronnie and Laura organized the whole thing and it was at my Mom's place. Cordie got an amazing alottment of clothes, and some other great things like a locket, dragonfly wall hangings, and this gorgeous dress.

And tomorrow Tanya is coming back out with Warren for a visit. That will be fun. Duncan will be at day care, but that just means Warren can play with his toys without Duncan getting jealous :) No, it's too bad that's how scheduling worked, but it will still be neat to see them.

Okay, nighty-night time. Have a good one everyone!

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