Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Preschool. Is he ready?

Preschool. Is he ready?

Duncan is a smart kid. Not above average smart, but he's doing awesome with letters and numbers and colours and shapes... you know - where he should be at when he is 2 1/2. (For those who might not know, he was born early December, and cut off in Canada for schools is December 31, not Sept 30 or Aug 31 like in some places).

But at the parents night they said the kids should be able to put on their own shoes and coat etc... I'm quite sure Duncan could, but at least with us he is really, really stubborn about it. Even getting shoes on is such a game "no shoes, no I want sandles, no, I want shoes...NO SHOES!" He is going to be one of the youngest in his class, and assuming all goes well he will also be when he goes to K in 2 years and so on and so on...

I think it was Tanya and I having this conversation about holding a kid back to start school b/c especially with boys a year can make a huge difference in maturity compared to other boys and can cause problems down the road - no matter how good natured your kid is. Duncan is an easy going kid. Despite his two-ness he really is a phenomenal little man. Other people tell us this too, so it's not just Mommy and Daddy bias :)

I am going to put him into preschool and I talked to them that they will let me know if quite frankly he's just not ready. But I am interested to hear from some other people their thoughts on your child being the youngest in the class.


Nancy said...

Zach is much more independent at this age than Alex was because he wants to be like his brother. Alex went through the "me do it" stage to but not like Zach is. He can put his own shoes and jacket on, the jacket he has a bit more trouble but he can do it.

We'll be looking for a preschool for Zach shortly after we move so I don't have much else to say right now!

Alex was on the younger side with a late July birthday (cut off here is Oct. 1) but it's never been a problem for him.

Elizabeth said...

My gut says no. Wait another year.