Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Mornings when Duncan is home from daycare we usually get a few good hours of play in together before Cordie wakes up again. She tends to wake up around 6:30 and then go back sleep until about 8:30 or so. So Duncan and I have time to play trains, have breakfast, etc...

Yesterday morning I noticed his back teeth seemed to be in just horrible shape. They honestly looked like they were rotting out of his mouth and so I started to freak out. We are super diligent about brushing his teeth and so I'm wondering how on earth we missed a problem this big. So for 5 minutes I tried to get him to let me check inside his mouth, but all the time he's crying "no! go back to bed!" (which is what he says when he's in trouble). Finally I pinned him down and got my finger inside his mouth...

And it was his purple Flintstones vitamin I'd just given him!!! Isn't that hilarious. I'd honestly just given it to him 5 minutes before all of this, but had forgotten. So it was the vitamin still in his teeth. And here I'm thinking he has some horrible tooth problem and I'm going to have to rush him to the dentist. LOL. I apologized to him b/c I knew I'd upset him, and here he thought he'd done something wrong. I was just a little too silly in the head to realize what it was. LOL.

Incidentally while brushing his teeth last night I checked and as far as I can tell his teeth are in excellent condition - nice and white and clean. :)

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