Friday, June 26, 2009

What $25 will get you

We totally scored a deal on Craigslist today. Bill got it in his head that he wanted a train table for Duncan, and I didn't disagree. So every day we've been watching Craigslist to a. find the table we want and b. one at a good price. Well one came up today for $25 - which is a total steal compared to many of the ones for sale on there. I emailed the fellow, and someone else had already asked for it, but I was 2nd in line if she didn't show. Later in the day he emailed - we could have it if we could get there today. So we said sure! And off we went (to Coquitlam). Not the best during rush hour, against counter flow, but we did it. And this table is awesome! It's beyond awesome! It's Beyawesome! (We've been watching a lot of Bolt lately). Anyhow, what's even better is most of it was paid with money we made selling on Craigslist. Duncan is going to be quite surprised tomorrow morning.

Bill may have broken his finger. I forget if I wrote about this yesterday, but anyhow, he was playing football at the work BBQ and it hit his index finger on his right hand (yes, he's right handed) wrong and it was kind of at a weird angle. He went to the clinic today and was sent for x-rays. Maybe a ripped tendon or a fracture. So we'll see. It doesn't hurt him, but he has to wear a finger splint and so I'm making fun of Iron Finger.

I think the new Delissio Garlic Crust pizza commercial is hilarious. It makes me laugh each time. This is the one where the Dad tells the girl her date is a vampire, and she says no he's just goth. She offers him a piece of the garlic pizza and he tells "WHAT YOU SAY!?" and turns into a bat. I think the what you say is hilarious and I'm teaching Duncan to say it. LOL.

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Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

I love craigslist. I have scored some pretty awesome things for my girls for ridiculously cheap prices! I also love selling our stuff on there, it seems like someone always buys whatever it is we list. Your son is going to be way excited! That is too cute.

I think my husband broke his finer too. His pinky. Today he was pulling out a huge bush when he jammed it against our gas pipe. Poor guys!