Sunday, June 7, 2009

Behind the times!

Man I've fallen behind on blog reading.

Nancy, I didn't know you had a new offer on the house - that's awesome! I love that everything is coming together for you guys like it is. I hope you had a good birthday.

Tanya - we look forward to you guys meeting Cordie! No problem on not swinging by. As it is, I have 8 boxes of clothes in my living room I'll be going through today or tomorrow and figure out what fits Warren now, later, or it's too late and is going to someone else. We'll hang on to the 24 month sized stuff for you until after you move and he's closer to fitting it.

I admit, I'm going to have a hard time letting go of all of Duncan's clothes. I need to go through it all and find out what is reasonable to freecycle, hang on to (Cordie can use some of the stuff), or in some cases toss. But aside from all these boxes, we have another 5 or 6 upstairs to go through. What's the most awesome is that over 90% of this stuff has been hand me downs... so I'm glad to pass it on. I will hang on to a few things for sentimental reasons though.

Cordie is 3 weeks old already! Our 1st week with Bill back at work went well over all. Friday I was just stupid in the head tired and found myself getting pretty short with Duncan. He was just being 2 and I was being grumpy, so I apologized to him. Normally I can go with the flow of his two-ness better. But of course he feeds off of my mood too, and if I'm grumpy, he'll pick up on that.

Cordie is growing like a week, looking less like a newborn, and just fits in with us so well. We love her. I'm still pretty tired. I'm up with her about 2x/ night - not including early morning. Anything after 5 I don't count b/c that's when I used to get up for work, so that's morning. Sometimes I'll go back to sleep, or if she's up for a bit, I'll go shower and have some coffee before both kids wake up closer to 7.

I admit I've been pretty frustrated with myself. I feel like I should be doing more now - getting house work done etc... and while it is reasonable she is only 3 weeks old, pretty much when the kids nap, so do I, but that means I don't get other stuff done. Then I get mad at myself b/c other stuff isn't getting done. Today I finally got the downstairs vacuumed - ah, that feels better. And we got some stuff organized. So we're getting there. The thing after Bill gets home from work it's about playing with Duncan, and just spending time together, not focusing on cleaning the house, and by the time Duncan is in bed - 8-8:30, we don't feel like starting anything new, which is why it doesn't get done.

I guess I'll get there. I'm having fun with the kids though. We went to the water park on Tuesday. Oh boy did Duncan love that!! He was totally drenched, and shivering b/c he was so wet, and he did not want to go home. So I'm glad we did that. I think I need to find some other day time activities for the days I have him home b/c just staying home doesn't help me or him.

Well, I'm going to go nap myself. Duncan is down (although not asleep...but he'll get there) and Cordie is asleep, and Bill can get either one of them if needed, so I'll take advantage of that. Later we're going to my parent's place to let Duncan run around in the back yard and have a visit.

Oh, and we celebrated Bill's birthday yesterday. We had Chris and Ronnie over and just had an awesome visit.

Baby shower July 12. Contact Ronnie for info.

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Nancy said...

Yeah I didn't post on FB about the offer because the buyer is in my friends list and we agreed to keep quiet to the general public until we were out of attorney review. I know how it is to fall behind on the blogs though! Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Don't worry about the house! A routine will come and things will get done. I know how hard it is sometimes to choose between cleaning and sleeping or even spending some time on the computer but people will understand if the house isn't spotless!