Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"I'm sad"

No, it's not what you think :)

Tonight for supper we were having something of a pork stir fry with green pepper, onions, rice, and on top, pineapple rings. Duncan was quite keen on the pineapple aspect of it. "Mmmmmore pineapple?" Well he got 2 rings, but wasn't eating anything else, so we said no more pineapple until he ate some rice and pork (which he called chicken, but we weren't going to correct him). At which point he hung his head and said "I'm sad" Why are you sad? "Want more pineapple". LOL. It was so funny. He just said it in this quiet little voice... darn if he doesn't know how cute he is. Bill and I were just cracking up. And yeah, he did get some more after he had some rice.

And for breakfast, I asked what he wanted. We have a big box of KD in the cupboard. Yes, our child eats Kraft Dinner (Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for my American friends, up here it is actually named Kraft Dinner. I believe Canada eats more KD than any other country in the world. A cute video about it can be found here http://archives.cbc.ca/lifestyle/food/topics/1371-8427/ This video refers to a survey that was done asking why Canadians eat more KD, and it said it is b/c we find it "deeply situating" (ie - it's comfort food). But, I, for the life of me, can not find the results of the actual survey which found this. Not to say it isn't true, but I like to find the source. So if someone finds it, let me know?). Actually, we do too, but less often. Duncan gets it once... every other week? Reheats great with some Cheese Whiz mixed in, or this week, Cheese-tastic product from Superstore. Anyhow, our favourite way to eat KD ourselves is a recipe called Kraft Dinner Italiano Style, or what we call KD Italiano. We don't eat it often b/c frankly, it's bad for you, but darn if it isn't yummy.

Anyhow, appreantly Duncan also like "'caroni" as he calls it. As we were getting breakfast together this morning, I asked him what he wanted (the norm usually being toast, fruit - such as grapes or something, and milk. He doesn't care for cereal too much, esp. with milk on it, and he doesn't seem to be too keen on peanut butter). He pulled out the box of KD boxes we had sitting in the pantry (you know the 12 boxes version) and told me he wanted 'caroni for breakfast. LOL! Not so much dear. We settled on a banana, toast and craisins.

Otherwise, not much to report from this end! Cordie is good - growing like a little girl should. Duncan is also good. He's a good kid despite his ocassional two-ness. Oh, we actually attended church on Sunday, and made it through an entire service! First time in a long, long, long time. Usually Duncan has a melt down in the nursery (which in our church goes until they turn 3), and we have to leave early. For this reason, and other reasons, we had not been attending at all recently. But we did, and it went well.

Oh, Cordie's baptism is July 19th. BBQ at my parent's place after. Please let me know if you want to a. come to the baptism so we can give you directions and/or b. want to come to the BBQ so we can plan for food.

Okay, I should go to bed. 10 PM and I was bagged today, as usual. Cordie is reaching 4 hour stretches with her sleeping, which means my body is realizing what it has been missing :)


Tanya said...

Awesome. So cute. Your photos on facebook are great. I love the one with Duncan and Cordie in the baby gym. And also, OF COURSE, the 'gifts' when you were out of the room.

Nancy said...

Too cute. Zach says he's sad too and makes this pouty face. Most of the time though it's "me happy!"