Thursday, June 18, 2009

Like learning to ride a bike

5minutesforMom is giving away a balance bike. I thought this would be really cool for Duncan.
Check out the 5MFM contest at and info on the balance bike at

I remember the 1st time I tried to learn how to ride a bike. I think Mom will correct me if I am wrong on the details here. Up until then I had this plum purple coloured tricycle, which I loved. I must have been at least 5 or 6 because that is when we moved to the new house. They bought me a bike, I think it was red. We lived at the end of a dead end street - perfect for learning how to ride a bike. So they got me going with a push and away I went down the street...and I kept going, and kept going... and I could not stop! I did not know how to work the brakes. So I am screaming as I head for the busier road "I can't stop!" I think it was Jeff who came running after me and helped me stop. I also think after that the bike was returned to the store and we put off my learning how to ride a bike for a while longer.

I did eventually learn how to ride though, just for the record :)

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Elizabeth said...

That sounds just like when we bought Jim and Albert their bikes. Jim took off like a shot and had it all figured out. Al rode off in the opposite direction - downhill. Had no idea about brakes - Uncle Don took off after him on his bike and managed to stop him without injury to anybody! The things we take for granted....