Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We've Listed

Alright folks, we've got the wheels in motion to sell our place. I'll post a link once there is something to show on or

If it works for you, please send a prayer our way that this sale might go quick in this really slow market. We're not asking for a miracle (ie that we'll get asking price) but just that we might get something quick and reasonable. We'd love to be in the new place by Christmas, or even Duncan's birthday!

Speaking of which our little Roo is 22 months old. Can you believe this kid is almost 2? He's such an amazingly sweet soul. Oh yeah and he's just loving being back at Nikki's. No more fighting Duncan in the morning! yay!

Love you all! Congratulations Jennifer and Kevin. We're thrilled for you.


Elizabeth van Akker said...

I certainly do pray that your place sells quickly. What we have discovered is that if you ask a reasobale price it will sell. Don't try for a fortune - it's not out there. Hope you're well, ;), and happy birthday tomorrow!

AndreaD said...

Very excited for you! Looking forward to seeing the link and I am praying it sells quickly.